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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Photo of Dean Harper
"By creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society across races, circumstances, communities and abilities we can promote a culture of health for all." -Dr. Doreen Harper, Former UABSON Dean
"This is shared work for everyone in our community—the UAB School of Nursing community. This work belongs to everyone." -Dr. Felesia Bowen, Associate Dean, DEI
"Like threads of a tapestry we are stronger and shine brighter when we unite." -Dr. Grace Grau, Past President, AL-NAHN
Photo of Curry Bordelon
"Our unique cultures, experiences, backgrounds and beliefs enhance who we are. By embracing our individuality and empathizing with others we strengthen our community." -Dr. Curry Bordelon, President, AAMN
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"For me, diversity, equity and inclusivity mean freedom and possibility. There’s a freedom you find only when you’re comfortable enough to be seen and heard without fear of judgement." - Tiffany Sochurek, President, NGSA
Photo of Shameka Rodgers Phillips
"I believe having diversity, equity and inclusivity is intentionally ensuring that all voices are equally considered, heard and seen within a space." -Shameka Rodgers Phillips, PhD Diversity Committee
Photo of Sigrid Ladores
"DEI means not being afraid to be your authentic selves and celebrating each others differences and similarities while feeling like you belong." -Sigrid Ladores, President, PNAAL
Photo of Martha Dawson
"The organization's analytical pattern creating an inclusive climate that promotes institutional justice beyond compliance." -Dr. Martha Dawson, President, NBNA
Photo of Lilly Peete
"To me, diversity, equity and inclusion means that we have created a space where all feel welcomed, celebrated and that they belong." -Lilly Peete, President, SNA