Internal Advisory Council

The SONoDEI Internal Advisory Council is a working Advisory Council that meets monthly with the charge of moving the SON Diversity Strategic Plan forward. Our strategic plan was drafted by the STRIDE Advisory Council and is seated on the core values of UABSON. Strategic goals were informed by feedback from the internal listening sessions with key stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) and responses from the Campus Climate Survey administered by UABODEI.

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Photo of Kristin Ashley
Kristin Ashley
Faculty - ACCC
Photo of Natalie Baker
Natalie Baker
Faculty - Faculty Organization
Photo of Samantha Baldwin
Samantha Baldwin
Staff - Staff Council
Photo of Charlene Bender
Charlene Bender
Staff - ADMIRE
Photo of Curry Bordelon
Curry Bordelon
Faculty - Graduate Program
Photo of Pamela Bowen
Pamela Bowen
Faculty - Immediate Past Chair
Photo of Emily Craig
Emily Craig
Staff - DEI Appointee
Photo of Melanie Daniel
Melanie Daniel
Faculty - AMNP
Photo of Emily Davis
Emily Davis
Student - Prelicensure Alternate
Photo of Tieresa Digs
Tieresa Digs
Student - AMNP
Photo of Charlotte Dorris
Charlotte Dorris
Student - Prelicensure
Photo of Deb Ejem
Deb Ejem
Faculty - PhD Program
Photo of Jennifer Frank
Jennifer Frank
DEI Appointee
Photo of Monique Halford
Monique Halford
Staff - Clinical & Global Partnerships
Photo of Latasha Harris
Latasha Harris
Staff - Student Success
Photo of Connie Jackson-Gaiter
Connie Jackson-Gaiter
Staff - Administrative Operations
Photo of Jeremy Jordon
Jeremy Jordon
Faculty - FCHS
Photo of Mikela Knox
Mikela Knox
Staff - Research & Scholarship
Photo of Shannon Layton
Shannon Layton
Faculty - ADMIRE
Photo of Stacey Lockard
Stacey Lockard
Staff - FCHS
Photo of Jennifer Lollar
Jennifer Lollar
Staff - Communications
Photo of Yarice Matos-Ramos
Yarice Matos-Ramos
Student - Master’s Program
Photo of Somali Nguyen
Somali Nguyen
Faculty - DEI Appointee
Photo of Bela Patel
Bela Patel
Faculty - Prelicensure Program
Photo of Frank Puja
Frank Puja
Faculty - ACCC
Photo of Shameka Rodgers
Shameka Rodgers
Student - PhD Advisory Council
Photo of Nevette Sample
Nevette Sample
Faculty - Dean’s Liaison
Photo of Robin Webb
Robin Webb
Faculty - Technology & Innovation
Photo of Lily Williams
Lily Williams
DEI Appointee

STRIDE Advisory Council

The STRIDE (stride as in "progress":S-Strategy, T-Teamwork, R-Recognition, I-Inclusion, D-Diversity, E-Equity) Task Force works closely with joyce gillie gossom of Best Gurl inc. to improve and the UABSON Strategic Diversity Plan which encompasses our mission, vision, and shared values to help build a community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This task force also is instrumental in incorporating activities that actively promote and recognize our core values as guiding principles of fairness, equity, and inclusion for all stakeholders. This helps foster an environment at the UABSON where all students, faculty, staff, and alumni can thrive and fulfill their professional potential to improve health equity for all. The task force also is vitally important to help us establish a tone in the UABSON that will exemplify authentic diversity, equity, and inclusivity among our faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

2020-2021 STRIDE Task Force

Photo of Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson
Executive Director, Administrative Operations
Photo of Charlene Bender
Charlene Bender
MSN Program Manager
Photo of Pamela Bowen
Pamela Bowen
Associate Professor
Photo of Rachael Bruce
Rachael Bruce
Photo of Crystal Chapman-Lambert
Crystal Chapman-Lambert
Associate Professor
Photo of Emily Craig
Emily Craig
Director, External and Special Projects
Photo of Shawona Daniel
Shawona Daniel
Assistant Professor
Photo of Heather De La Piedra
Heather De La Piedra
Director, Human Resources
Photo of Grace Grau
Grace Grau
Assistant Professor
Photo of Latasha Harris
Latasha Harris
Assistant Registrar
Photo of Kevin Jerrolds
Kevin Jerrolds
Photo of Karmie Johnson
Karmie Johnson
Assistant Professor
Photo of Joe Ann Kennedy
Joe Ann Kennedy
Program Administrator, Doctoral Programs
Photo of Jennifer Lollar
Jennifer Lollar
Executive Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications
Photo of Nevette Sample
Nevette Sample
Director, Administrative and Strategic Projects
Photo of Maria Shirey
Maria Shirey
Associate Dean, Clinical and Global Partnerships
Photo of Tedra Smith
Tedra Smith
Associate Professor
Photo of Rebecca Suttle
Rebecca Suttle
Photo of Michele Talley
Michele Talley
Assistant Dean, Clinical and Community and Programs
Photo of Erica Techo
Erica Techo
Marketing Specialist