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A community that values diversity, equity, inclusion

Through UAB School of Nursing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which was developed with feedback from faculty, staff, students and alumni through listening sessions, the School is working to build a community in which every member feels they belong. This feeling of belongingness—where everyone is welcomed, supported and valued in our School—is essential to our work to prepare the next generation of nurse leaders to provide the highest quality care to all populations in an increasingly diverse and complex global world.


The UAB School of Nursing will develop, embrace, and celebrate a team-oriented and inclusive culture within the community where diversity, equity and inclusion are respected and intentionally valued so that all stakeholders feel a true sense of belonging as they journey toward their full potential through learning, teaching, research, scholarship and practice.


The UAB School of Nursing leads, champions and invites diversity, inclusivity, belonging, justice and equitable opportunities for all.

Shared Values

Diversity Inclusivity Respect Humility Transparency Equity Belonging Consistency Authenticity

Strategic Goals and Actions

The UAB School of Nursing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which is aligned with the UAB Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Diversity Strategic Plan, serves to communicate the School's DEI goals and as a blueprint to ensure a strong, steady path forward for the School. And, it is not a static plan, but a living document that will undergo changes when needed to address current issues and keep our School aligned with UAB's diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan and initiatives.

Access & Success

Access & Success

Increase diversity recruitment among students, faculty, staff and leadership.

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    1.1 Identify and invite interested high school, community college, underrepresented, targeted and rural student populations to establish program partnerships that help build the skills of interested students for recruiting.

    1.2 Create marketing strategies to capitalize on SON accomplishments to distribute among potential faculty, students, administrators and staff beyond Birmingham.

    1.3 Intentionally and equitability solicit interested faculty from underrepresented and targeted populations for seeking grant opportunities to establish student success centers that provide tutoring for high school students.

    1.4 Leverage University resources to increase and recruit diverse students across programs and reach out to alumni from other high schools to set up something similar to Birmingham Promise.

    1.5 Provide opportunities and incentives for all stakeholders, particularly those from underrepresented populations, to actively participate in the recruitment of diverse applicants for all positions.

    1.6 Present an annual recruitment and equity update to the Staff Council that provides staff recruitment/equity activities, how recruiting/equity is done and resources that are available for recruiting; ask the current recruitment group for suggestions; and ask Staff Members for feedback.

    1.7 Present an annual recruitment and equity update to the Faculty Organization that provides faculty recruitment/equity activities, how recruiting/equity is done and resources that are available for recruiting; ask the current recruitment group for suggestions; and ask Faculty for feedback.

    1.8 Create an easily-accessible faculty recruitment toolbox that all faculty can use to support faculty and student recruiting efforts.

Retention & Inclusion

Retention & Inclusion

Increase diversity and retention among students, faculty, staff and leadership at SON.

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    2.1 Develop and offer career and professional development activities focused on members from underrepresented populations of faculty, staff, students and administrators (external and internal workshops).

    2.2 Assign faculty members as mentors to communicate directly with underrepresented students, faculty and staff once they are part of the School.

    2.3 Collaborate with other Schools (within and beyond UAB) to mentor and meet the needs of underrepresented students.

Inclusivity & Authenticity

Inclusivity & Authenticity

Expand environments that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in all departments, programs and pathways.

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    3.1 Develop alumni and mentor networks as a high value strategy to purposely attract and recruit faculty, students and staff.

    3.2 Weave DEI and cultural humility activities that enhance the student experience throughout academic programs.

    3.3 Provide coursework related to the impact of discrimination and racism on health disparities and equity and identify actions to be taken.

    3.4 Recognize and celebrate the evolution and change of the SON culture to be more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

    3.5 Become known for DEI initiatives among SONs globally.

Education & Support

Education & Support

Engage alumni in DEI discussions with students, staff and faculty for education and DEI strategic planning.

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    4.1 Identify alumni who are interested in engaging in DEI initiatives.

    4.2 Form an advisory group of Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students with the shared lived experiences of majority and minority students.

    4.3 Provide ongoing opportunities for alumni, faculty, staff and students to take an honest inventory of their own biases in order to better understand, communicate and empathize with others.

    4.4 Conduct organizational culture and climate assessment.

    4.5 Host cultural (DEI) sensitivity conversations, activities, classes, etc. (once per year).

    4.6 Integrate Alumni and Faculty DEI educational opportunities into undergraduate and graduate curriculum, such as Alumni Speakers or Speakers Bureau .

    4.7 Provide opportunities for faculty, staff, students and alumni to identify personal biases express their feelings without fear of retribution.

    4.8 Conduct an assessment of current students to determine if they can all “find someone like them” in a wide range of diversity attributes or characteristics.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage community and healthcare institution partners for DEI education and dissemination of DEI strategic plan and planning.

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    5.1 Assess current DEI practices among current partnerships.

    5.2 Determine the scope and definition of “partner”.

    5.3 Determine and establish effective metrics for partner DEI practices.

    5.4 Develop actions to close any gaps identified with community partners that fall within the scope of the UABSON and partnership agreement.

    5.5 Identify community partners who are interested in engaging in DEI initiatives.

    5.6 Provide resources to our partners for examining their own DEI opportunities.

    5.7 Engage patient and/or family representatives who are interested in DEI initiatives to inform and educate alumni, faculty, staff and students.

    5.8 Encourage our community partners to examine their own opportunities to develop and implement DEI initiatives.