The following tuition and fees are valid for the 2018-2019 academic year. Tuition and fees and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE annually based on approval from the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees and/or university.

The estimates below are based on the costs listed at the UAB Office of Planning and Analysis Web site (
Tuition and Fees). Each student’s costs will vary depending upon state of residence, the number of credits taken in a semester, whether the student attends class live or through distance-accessible class, and several other factors.

Fees vary with program or type of student, and certain fees may be waived.

Tuition and Fees - UAB School of Nursing (SON) Resident Charge ($) Non-resident Charge ($)
Graduate coursework (classroom; each semester hour) 572 1,317
Graduate coursework (internet-based distance learning; each semester hour) 656 656
Fees - UAB School of Nursing  Cost ($)
Educational Support and Technology Fee (per course) 225
Student Hospitalization Insurance Fee (per month)** 200
Expenses (Estimated) Cost ($)
Uniforms* 350
Books and supplies (estimate per term) 600
Lab Kit (upon admission)* 225
Electronic handheld device* 350
Room and Board (on campus, per term, cost varies depending on dorm) 2,800
* These must be purchased upon initial enrollment in the School of Nursing and should be planned for in student budgets.
** May be waived with documented proof of equal or greater coverage