Faces of Change

Ashelyn-resized-for-webAshelynn Falkenburg, current Chair of the Junior Board of Visitors (JBOV), came to know a great deal about UAB and the UAB School of Nursing prior to joining the JBOV. She learned about UAB as part of the first class of Leadership UAB – young men and women from various corporate, civic, and volunteer backgrounds chosen to get indepth looks at UAB and its mission. "I thought, 'Wow! This great university here in our own backyard!' " said Ashelynn.

Regarding the UAB School of Nursing, Ashelynn learned from her mother, Karle Falkenburg, Chair of the School's Board of Visitors (BOV) from 2004 to 2006 and a current emeritus member. "Mom told me how important she felt it was to support UAB's nursing school," said Ashelynn. "I realized the differences nurses make, and how all of us need great nurses."
Anita Smith 2008-webIf Anita is fascinated with history, it may be because she has a knack for being in the right place at the right times to watch it happen. While an intern at The Atlanta Journal, she helped cover Alabama Gov. George Wallace’s infamous stand in the schoolhouse door; when she joined the staff of The Birmingham News, she returned to a city beset by race riots and KKK rallies.

Smith has also had a front-row to much of the history at the School of Nursing, which, while not as turbulent as the other history going on around her, was still quite eventful. When she was just an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama, Smith met the SON’s first dean, Florence Hixson, through roommates who were nursing students; at The Birmingham News, she was first placed in the role of the newspaper’s medical editor, and she witnessed the school’s move from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, as well as the tenure of its second dean, Marie O’Koren. Since then, she has developed close personal relationships with each of the school’s deans, so when she calls the SON uniquely blessed in terms of leadership, she knows whereof she speaks.
worthington-cargoCreated by longtime Birmingham residents Allan D. and Nancy Cargo Worthington, the Worthington-Cargo Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship pays tribute to Allan and Shirley Worthington and Sam and Nannie Cargo. Reflecting on the difficulties they faced in trying to find proper medical care for their elderly parents, the Worthingtons directed their endowment to support students in the SON Doctor of Nursing Practice who intend to pursue advanced specializations in adult gerontology.

“The help that the Worthington-Cargo and Scokel-Honeycutt families have given the SON shows just how dramatic effect individuals can have on the health care of the entire state. We are incredibly grateful to them for their support for our school and the nursing profession as a whole,” said Doreen Harper, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean of the UAB School of Nursing.