Key Features of the Space



  • Photo: the future of nursingEfficiently designed to maximize the use of both new and renovated spaces, our new building’s layout provides as much usable area as possible.
  • An open staircase and atrium are located between the new and existing buildings and provides circulation and connections at all levels, visually integrating the first, second, and third floors. This is the ‘synapse’ where collaboration and communication happens, allowing for connections between students, faculty, and visitors.
  • An engaging student commons area is located on the second floor, just off a new entry from the Plaza level. Faculty collaboration spaces are located at the link between the new and existing buildings at levels 3, 4, and 5.
  • A new elevator and corridor connection allow for access for those with physical disabilities between the ground floors of the nursing building and the Learning Resource Center (LRC). It will also facilitate transfer of large skills lab-related equipment, such as patient beds and supplies, between the LRC and the main building.
  • A combination of new and renovated space on the ground floor concentrates classrooms, skills labs, and the Nursing Competency Suite on one level. Combined with the Student Commons on the second floor, these areas provide a high level of activity and vitality.