Q: What tracks are available to take online?
A: Most of the specialty tracks/subspecialties can be taken from a distance with online coursework and several on-campus intensives.  When looking into the details for a specific specialty, the fact sheet will list the program as being distance accessible, which equates to being an online specialty for the courses and will list the number of on-campus experiences. The fact sheets are listed under each specialty/subspecialty link on the MSN Home Page.

Q: For admission, do I qualify for the waiver for the MAT, GRE, GMAT testing?
A: The Graduate Test Score waiver does not apply to the Nurse Anesthesia Specialty Track. However, for all other MSN tracks once you submit your application through NursingCAS, student success personnel will calculate your overall and last 60 hours of undergraduate course work. If either of those GPAs is equal to or greater than a 3.2 on a 4.0 scale, you may waiver and do not need to complete a graduate entrance exam as part of your application.

Q: How much experience is required for new BSNs prepared nurse entering into an NP track?
A: Each specialty at the master’s levels is different, and the fact sheet on the program is the best place to confirm the experience requirements. The fact sheets are listed on the MSN home page.

Q: What is the number of students admitted into the master’s program each term?
A: The master’s program is competitive for many of the specialty tracks. A student may select a second specialty option when they submit their application. The admission qualifications are listed under the Admission link in the gray box above.

Q: Where do I find the Nurse Anesthetists, CRNA, requirements?
A: The Nurse Anesthetists specialty is offered by the UAB School of Nursing. Please visit our Web site for information about the Nurse Anesthesia Specialty Track. 

Q: Do I have to wait until I have all of the application paperwork to submit my application through NursingCAS?
A: No, we encourage you to submit your application early, even if you do not have all your transcripts in to NursingCAS. We still urge applicants to have their official transcripts into NursingCAS by the admission deadline for timely processing. However, if NursingCAS has not received your official transcripts by the deadline, they will still receive and process them after the deadline date as long as they are received promptly. 

Q: What is the requirement for a statistics class?
A: A statistics course must have been successfully completed prior to your first semester courses. If you need to take or retake the class, UAB offers an online statistics section for nursing students only. Contact the Office of Student Success for the course registration number, since the course will not be listed in the general catalog.

Q: I am interested in transferring graduate nursing courses to the MSN program, what do I need to do?
A: After a student is admitted to the MSN program, they may submit paperwork to have their graduate nursing coursework evaluated for equivalency for either transfer or waiver. Applicants with a previously completed MSN should contact the Mr. John Updegraff at (205) 975-3370 with further details on this process.

Students wishing to transfer in a graduate level Pharmacology course should note that the course cannot be more than 2 years old, unless they can provide sufficient evidence that they are currently practicing as nurse practitioners and prescribing medications in the population of interest (e.g. across the lifespan). 

Q: Where do I send transcripts?
A: A Official transcripts from EACH college/university previously attended and currently attended must be submitted to NursingCAS at: 
                                                    NursingCAS Transcript Department
                                                                     P.O. Box 9201
                                                               Watertown, MA 02471

Q: I am a previous or current UAB student. Will I need to submit my official UAB transcript to NursingCAS?
A: Yes. The School of Nursing will not be able to request official transcripts to be sent to NursingCAS.

Q: Where do I submit the reference letters?
A: As part of the NursingCAS application process, the individuals submitting the references will be sent an email for an online reference submission. Please ask the individuals from whom you request references to submit the recommendation online. Electronic submission is the preferred method.

Q: Where should I send my medical-clearance information?
A: Students must obtain medical clearance from UAB Student Health Services prior to registration for classes. A physical examination is required for medical clearance. The form needed for medical clearance can be downloaded at UAB Student Health Services. This form should be returned to UAB Student Health Services for processing. The address is located on the form. DO NOT send the forms to the School of Nursing.

Q: How do I know I am medically cleared?
A: Once you have completed all the steps in the medical-clearance process, Student Health Services enters your clearance into the Student Health database. The Office of Student Success at the School of Nursing routinely checks to update a student’s medical-clearance status. If you want to check if your clearance has been completed, Student Health Services can be reached at 205-934-3580.

Q: I have registered for certain courses, how can I confirm that?
A: If you have registered for a course, you already have a BLAZERNET account. On BLAZERNET, select the Student Resources Tab, and then select the Registration Tools to look up your registration status.

Q: What do I need to do for changing my specialty?
A: If you determine you need to change your specialty, you must submit a Change of Concentration for MSN Students form, which is listed at Student Forms. If the gaining and losing tracks have space for the switch, the request will be considered. Only one Change of Concentration request is allowed.

Q: When can I apply for non-degree credit to be transferred as a graduate credit?
A: Students may submit a request once they are admitted to the MSN program. A Non-Degree Credit Evaluation form should be filled out and submitted to the School of Nursing, Office of Student Success. The form can be obtained by going to the Student Forms page.

Q: Can I be admitted to the MSN program if I have not taken or passed NCLEX?
A: The master’s program requires practicum work, which requires NCLEX completion. You may be initially admitted into the program, but cannot begin your clinical course work until you have successfully passed NCLEX, and are licensed in the state in which you practice.

Q: Is medical clearance or CPR certification required for admission?
A: Medical clearance and CPR certification are required prior to being able to register for any classes.

Q: Is there a time limit on the graduate entrance exams (GRE/MAT/GMAT) test score?
A: Currently, there is no expiration on the date the graduate entrance exam was taken; however, an official copy must be received from the testing agency sent to UAB.  Many of the testing organizations only maintain test scores for five years.