General FAQs

Q: What programs does your university provide?

A: UAB School of Nursing offers programs in:

  • Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Registered Nurse Mobility (RN-BSN)
  • Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Accelerated Master’s in Nursing Pathway (AMNP)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

 For more program information, visit the Academic Programs page by clicking here


Q: When are the application deadlines?

A: View list of application deadlines—Application Deadlines

Q: How do you calculate GPA?

A: For the bachelor’s program, the GPA is calculated from the overall GPA and the nursing-foundation-courses GPA. For the master’s programs, the overall GPA from all undergraduate-only courses and the last 60 hours of undergraduate-courses GPA.

Q: What are the tuition cost and fees for the course, or how can I apply for financial assistance?

A: The financial estimates for the university are updated on the following site on our Tuition & Fees page. Also, a detailed breakdown of the costs can be found at Tuition and Fees. The NUR codes on the page are the costs for the School of Nursing. If you have further questions, please feel free to e-mail or call.

Q: Why do not I see the fee statement posted on BLAZERNET yet?

A: The tuition and fees are posted after the registration window closes. This occurs within seven days after the last day of open registration for that term. The significant academic calendar events are listed on the Academic Calendar.  If you think there is a problem with your student account, please contact the student accounting office for resolution at 205-934-3570.

Q: How do you apply online?

A:  For the programs that require online applications—the master’s in nursing (MSN), the accelerated master’s in nursing pathways (AMNP), the doctor of nursing practice (DNP), and doctor of philosophy in nursing (PhD)—the application is completed by the Web-based program that can be accessed by clicking here. In order to apply, you will establish an online account and complete the application process.

Q: Are you charged in-state or out-of-state tuition?

A: Alabama residents pay in-state tuition. All other students should plan to pay out-of-state tuition when determining the cost of their program. Currently, the university has signed a waiver for only online-specified nursing classes to be charged at the in-state cost. This waiver may be revoked at any time and does not apply to live classes. We recommend you be prepared to allocate out-of-state cost if the waiver is removed.

Q: Can I have common market tuition rates?

A: The common market is an agreement between states to honor resident in-state costs for programs not available in the student’s home state. Each state offers different nursing options and can be researched at: Academic Common Market

Q: If you are interviewed and a faculty member recommends admission, are you accepted?

A: The interview process is not required for all students and is not the step in the application process that indicates acceptance into the program. The interview is necessary for several programs to determine eligibility requirements, and those requirements are brought in to the master’s admission task force. The task force reviews all qualified applicants, and you will receive correspondence that includes an offer letter if you are selected.

Background Check and Urine Drug Screen

Q: When do I have to have the screenings done?

A: You will receive information as part of your admission steps, if you are admitted into the UAB School of Nursing.  Additionally, you will be notified annually.


Q: Who will pay for the screenings?

A: It is the student’s responsibility to pay for both the Criminal Background Check and Drug screening. The screenings will cost a minimum of $87 each year. The cost may vary depending on the agency and the state in which the student lives. ESS will notify the student of any additional cost. Each student must pay with a credit card for the charge for the two screenings. If you do not have a credit card, you may purchase a prepaid card from any of a number of sources to pay for the service.  


Q: Do I have to have another screening if I had one last year?

A: Yes. All students must have both screenings done at a minimum of once a year through Employment Screening Services (ESS) the School of Nursing’s designated provider.  


Q: May I have the Drug Screen and Criminal Background check done by another agency?

A: No. All screenings must be done through the UAB School of Nursing and ESS. This is necessary so that the School of Nursing can communicate results accurately with multiple agencies.

Q: Where will I have my drug screen done?

A: The drug screen will be done at a specified ESS approved facility.  ESS will assist you in identifying a facility whether you are a local student or live outside of Alabama


Q: If I have a background check done for work can the results be used for the UAB School of Nursing?

A: No. All criminal background checks and drug screen must be done through the UAB School of Nursing and ESS in order to be reportable by the School of Nursing.


Q: How often will the Drug Screen and Criminal Background Check be done?

A: Both screenings will be done on an annual basis to meet UAB School of Nursing and agency requirements. Many agencies used by the UAB School of Nursing require these screenings. Students must have clearance through the end of the last semester of their program of study.  Drug screening for cause may be required at any additional time.   See the UAB School of Nursing Student Handbook, section 4.7 Substance Abuse. Any student required to have additional screening for cause is responsible for related costs.


Q: Who will see the results of the screenings?

A: Results of criminal background check and drug screening will be housed electronically in the UAB School of Nursing and with ESS and shared with agencies that require this information for your educational experiences in their institution.

Q: What happens if I don’t have the screenings done?

A: You will not be allowed to enroll in any UAB School of Nursing courses.  If you are new student, who has not started course work yet, the offer of admission will be rescinded.


Q: What happens if the screening results are positive?

A: A student that is found to not have a clear report on their Criminal Background check will meet with the Assistant Dean for Student Success in order to determine the degree to which the items entered on the Criminal Background Check may preclude the student’s ability to take the licensure or certification examination.  A student who tests positive on the Urine Drug Screen will meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Assistant Dean for Student Success.  A positive test will also result in the offer of admission being rescinded for newly admitted students that have not begun course work, and immediate removal from all courses for the currently enrolled students.  The removal from the courses will result in a failing grade for the clinical and theory courses.


Q: How do I find out what I need to do to sign up for the screenings?

A: You will be sent a link to the ESS website via your UAB email as well as announcements in your Bb Vista courses. ESS has a tutorial on their website to guide students thorough the process.


Q: What do I do for screenings if I live outside the Birmingham area?

A: ESS will notify you of approved drug screen testing facilities in your area where you may go for testing.

Q: Will I be able to see my results?

A: Yes, but you must check “yes” on the ESS website and provide your email address when registering to have the results emailed to you.


Q: Whom do I contact if I have additional question regarding the new policy?

A: Contact the appropriate program coordinator to assist you with any additional questions you may have.   Their contact information is listed under Academic Programs on this web site.


Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about the ESS website or the procedures to work with LabCorps?

A:  You will contact the associate at the Employment Screening Services, ESS, at Phone 1-866-859-0143 and the email address is