MASH Flies Again! (Make Another Scholarship Happen) held on April 19 at the HealthSouth Hangar was hosted by the Board of Visitors of the School of Nursing.  This year’s event paid special tribute to military nurses.  Fay Ireland, member of the Board and of the Cadet Nurse Corps during World War II served as Honorary Chair. Guests at the fund-raiser gave a standing ovation to Fay Belt Ireland following the premiere-showing of a video that showcased Fay’s lifetime love of nursing.

Keeping with the military-nursing tribute, the HealthSouth Hangar was decorated in patriotic red-white-and-blue, with a huge American flag as a focal point. On display at the rear of the Hanger were three World War II-era airplanes from Mustang Pilots, LLC – a P-51 Mustang fighter plane and two trainer planes. In addition to the main focus of raising money for scholarships, the program also honored all guests who have served in the military and all nurses, regardless of their areas of service.

Among the supporters for the 2009 MASH event were “Generals & Admirals”: the Harry B. and Jane H. Brock Foundation, and UAB Administration and UAB Health System. “Colonels and Majors” included Fay Ireland, Barrett and Rick MacKay, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Janice and Bill Ferguson, Everett Holle and Sterne Agee. Several other community leaders and organizations offered their support as well.