Angelica Chapman

5th Semester BSN Student

“I’ve had friends who didn’t make it through leukemia. I realize that I am one of the lucky ones. I want to use my experience to help inspire hope for those fighting this disease." 

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Skye Vise

Skye Vise, MSN, CRNP

MSN, 2015

“I think the Primary Care Scholars program is a great opportunity. We’re all given general knowledge through the MSN program but to have such a specialized skill set directed toward your career objective is highly beneficial. I think it has already helped me tremendously as a nurse practitioner.”

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Gabby Miller

5th Semester BSN Student

“My outlook changed once I set foot onto UAB’s campus. I immediately fell in love with UAB. It just felt like home.”

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Combs Bryanthumbnail

Bryan Combs, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC, CNL, ATC

MSN 2010, FNP 2012
PhD Student

“The AMNP was the best option for me to adjust my career path...This program allowed me to be at the bedside caring for patients within one year as I continued to work on my master’s in nursing in the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty." 

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Shameka Rodgers, BSN, RN

BSN 2014
MSN Student, Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty

“I have known since I watched a health video in eighth grade that I eventually wanted to be a nurse practitioner. And I knew UAB was the only place that could give me the experience I need to be a great nurse practitioner one day.”

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Erin Gockel, BSN, RN

BSN 2012
MSN Student, Graduate Nursing Education Primary Care Scholar

“I went to undergrad here, and I know there are a lot of neat opportunities for students. It’s easy for students to get involved in different things if they have the time. Another reason I wanted to do this program is because that’s where my focus has always been – the underserved.”

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Wilbanks Bryan 2thumbnail

Bryan Wilbanks, DNP, CRNA

DNP 2012
PhD Student

An education at UAB provided me with one of the best doctoral programs across the nation. Although quality was my first concern, this program cost half as much as other programs I considered.

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