Decorated Christmas tree inside the lobby of the Women and Infants Center, December 2016.

For many of us, the holidays can become a busy time. Our inboxes and mailboxes are filled. Our to-do lists are a mile long. Most of us are managing busy work schedules with kids, out of town guests, baking and gift wrapping. It can be overwhelming and it’s easy to forget that the holidays are a time for giving and it doesn’t have to by darting from store to store.

There are all kinds of ways to incorporate small acts of giving into your holiday routine. When you give or donate to others, the effect is often much greater, deeper and more meaningful than you think. Some gifts have a ripple effect. Here are a few patients who, because of generous donations like those made to the Silvia Aaron Memorial Fund at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, were able to continue their treatments.

  • A widowed patient who was being evicted from her home.
  • A mother with three teenage children who was unable to work but needed help with her utilities.
  • A woman who was homeless and needed to secure an apartment.
  • A father with two young children who was able to pay his car payment so he could travel to UAB for his weekly treatments.
  • An 18-year-old patient who recently graduated high school and had to postpone work and college while undergoing radiation treatment.

A nurse talking to a patient in a wheelchair. Donations like these make such a positive difference in people’s everyday lives. This year, while you are busy with holiday festivities, we encourage you to remember how much of an impact your seemingly small gift can make in someone else’s life.

If you are so moved to give in this way, learn more about about giving. Thank you for your continued support and generous donations to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Happy Holidays!