The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB has a range of resources and services addressing the whole patient, both physically and emotionally, and designed to help make your cancer experience easier.

Supportive Care & Survivorship Clinic

At the O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, we begin planning for your survivorship on the day you are diagnosed. The UAB Survivorship Clinical Program is designed to meet the needs of our cancer patients as they move through their treatment program and into survivorship.

The Supportive Care and Survivorship Clinic helps patients manage the symptoms and side effects often associated with serious illnesses, including cancer. Whether patients have completed or are in the midst of treatment, our goal is to help them fulfill their maximum physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, and social potential.

Patient Navigator Program

The Patient Navigator Program at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center is a free service available to help patients and their family members navigate their cancer care. A personal navigator will be assigned to help you with any questions, concerns or difficulties you may face along the way.

Patient Navigators can:

  • Guide you through the health care system
  • Help you get to your appointments
  • Support you throughout your cancer treatment
  • Find answers to your questions
  • Locate community and social services to meet your needs
  • Assist in completing insurance forms
  • Help you find information on health care
  • Direct you to local resources and support
  • Provide assistance with financial concerns
  • Encourage and inform you and your family
  • Access your unique concerns and needs

To learn more about the Patient Navigation Services at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, call (205) 975-7915.

Pastoral Care

Cancer can be a difficult and demanding experience for patients and families, and for many people, spiritual resources or faith is a source of strength, support and comfort. Chaplains are an integral part of the health care team available to patients and their families 24 hours a day while receiving care at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The Pastoral Care Department is located on the first floor of the West Pavilion lobby, Room 125, next to the Interfaith Chapel. The Interfaith Chapel is always open for prayer, meditation and reflection.

To request a chaplain:

  • Ask any hospital staff member to contact a Chaplain for you
  • Call *55 from within UAB Hospital and ask the operator to page the “Chaplain on Call” to come to your room, and share your name and room number
  • Call 205-934-3411 and ask the operator to page the “Chaplain on Call” to come to your room, and share your name and room number
  • Visit UAB Medicine online or call 205-934-4254

General Resources

Resources by Cancer Types

Brain Cancer

National Brain Tumor Foundation 1-800-934-2873

Provides patients and families with information on tumor types, treatments, support groups and more including nurse consultation by phone or e-mail.

Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 1-800-462-9273

Toll-free breast cancer help line answered by trained volunteers whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Breast health and breast cancer materials available.

National Breast Cancer Organization


Offers a hotline, open-door groups, early detection workshops and support programs.

Colorectal Cancer

Colon Cancer Alliance 1-877-422-2030

Offers patients support, a resource center, news, research, advocacy and events.

Head and Neck Cancer

Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer 1-800-377-0928

Provides education, support, a “Survivor to Survivor” network, clinical trials and a newsletter.

Skin Cancer

Melanoma Research Foundation

Features a community bulletin board, research links and the latest news in melanoma.


Mesothelioma Justice Network

Provides an overview of mesothelioma and asbestos-related health issues.

Provides information from the Mesothelioma Cancer Center

Myeloma, Leukemia, and Lymphoma

International Myeloma Foundation 1-800-452-2873

Supports education, treatment, and research for multiple myeloma. Provides seminars and educational materials for patients and families.

Lymphoma Research Foundation 1-800-500-9976

Provides educational information and a help line, as well as referrals to other resources, oncologists, clinical trials and support groups.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 1-800-955-4572

Provides financial aid for treatment expenses and transportation, family support groups and more.


National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 1-888-OVARIAN (682-7426)

Offers support groups, a database of gynecologic oncologists searchable by state and educational materials.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 1-877-272-6226

Educates health professionals and the general public about pancreatic cancer. Information about support networks, clinical trials and reimbursement for care also available.

Prostate Cancer

Us Too! International, Inc. 1-800-808-7866

Educates newly diagnoses men, offers support, and provides the latest information about treatment options.


Sarcoma Foundation of America 1-301-520-7648

Dedicated to raising funds for sarcoma research, local patient networking and support. Provides information on clinical trials, education and resource links.

Thyroid Cancer

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association 1-877-588-7904

Provides support, news, events, education and communication for thyroid cancer survivors, their family and friends.

Educational Videos