Cancer doesn’t have borders, and neither do global research efforts at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Globalization and Cancer Initiative develops sustainable international partnerships to address global health issues related to cancer health disparities. UAB investigators collaborate with scientists across the world to pursue bidirectional cancer research partnerships, sharing lessons learned in the U.S. to other countries and bringing home knowledge gained by others across the world.

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Where We Work


O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers collaborate with Brazilian investigators in two lines of research: innovative approaches to cervical cancer prevention and control and gender-relevant tobacco control.

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Researchers work in Colombia to promote research and capacity building in gender-relevant tobacco control.

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Researchers work in Chile to understand gastric cancer prevention.

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Researchers work in Egypt to understand colorectal cancer prevention and control.

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Sri Lanka

Researchers work in Sri Lanka to promote cervical cancer prevention and control.

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Researchers work in Nepal to evaluate HPV and related cancer screening outcomes and awareness among various groups.

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