The Human Imaging Shared Facility provides value-added support for cancer related studies with human imaging components by providing radiology expertise for: standardized protocol review, state-of-the-art image acquisition, standardized tumor metrics quantification and response assessment, development and implementation of new analysis tools and techniques for cancer-related clinical and translational research studies.

The HISF team provides support in clinical imaging, tumor metrics, and imaging biomarker development & utilization, including:

Clinical Imaging Services

  • Developing and assessing protocol
  • Coordinating research activities involving imaging services
  • Providing the expertise of designated board certified radiologists or medical physicists
  • Providing de-identified copies of scans/images
  • Coordinating pre-study services
  • Participating in preparation of research budgets for radiology elements of the protocol

Tumor Metrics

  • Identifying protocols requiring tumor metrics services and specifically delineate the measurement criteria
  • Routing all scans requiring tumor metrics to a designated reader and imaging coordinator
  • Providing timely, accurate and structured tumor metrics report that adhere to specific tumor response criteria

Imaging Biomarker Development, Utilization, and Translation Trials

  • Developing and implementing protocol of potential imaging biomarkers for investigator initiated studies
  • Coordinating biomarker acquisition capabilities with protocol specific requirements
  • Providing data processing required for biomarker quantification
  • Providing de-identified copies of scans/images for off-site biomarker data analysis


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Andrew D. Smith, M.D., Ph.D. Director
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