The Tissue Procurement Shared Facility enhances the productivity and power of research of cancer investigators by ensuring access to high-quality tissue specimens (malignant, normal, benign, diseased) with associated histopathologic and demographic data, histology services, and expertise in informative analysis of tissue samples. The TPSF operates as a state-of-the-art, centralized, investigator-driven tissue procurement service that streamlines functionality, incorporates new technologies into standard operating procedures for sample collection and processing, storage and data tracking. Specimens can be provided to investigators fresh, frozen or fixed.

The TPSF team:

  • Facilitates cancer research by providing human specimens via optimized SOPs, a rigorous quality management system and a team approach for development, coordination, execution and monitoring of complex tissue collection and processing protocols
  • Aids investigators in development of individualized research protocols, including pathological consultations in identifying appropriate tissues to support their research
  • Supports a broad range of clinical protocols through state-of-the-art biorepository and histology services
  • Aligns management and operations of the facility with the needs of cancer investigators through strategic planning


Dr. Sameer Al Diffalha

Sameer Al Diffalha, M.D., Director
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