UAB Salute Program

This Program Is For:
Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired Military Members

Take advantage of your military education benefits while still in active duty or pursuing your post-military career. With UAB Salute, you can earn your bachelor or graduate degree completely online, giving you the time and location flexibility you need.


UAB Salute is a program designed for active duty, reserve, and retired military members. It allows students to use their military education benefits for a completely online or blended undergraduate or graduate degree program. For individuals who are currently serving in military, the UAB Salute program will allow them to start and finish their degree. For veterans, the UAB Salute program allows them to pursue their bachelor or graduate degree while getting a start on their post-military career. UAB's 100% online degree programs can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world* and the university can work with military students that are interested in distance accessible programs.

Your service and dedication are just two of the reasons why we want to serve you. You have exhibited strength, courage and perseverance in what you have given to your country. Now is the time when we can give back to you. We want to support and assist you in your next goal of achieving your degree. It’s your time to shine and conquer in a different setting, the classroom. Let us know if you have questions.

There are a few program restrictions in some areas. Visit the State Authorization page for more information.


The UAB Office of Veteran Recruitment and Student Services offer many services to help active and retired military members enroll at UAB. Here are a few of the services and benefits UAB offers for active and retired military members:

  • UAB is a Yellow Ribbon school
  • Veteran benefits are available for those who qualify
  • UAB has several military scholarships
  • UAB accepts up to 24 military credits to count towards a degree
  • Tutoring assistance program is available
  • Students can "earn while you learn" through the VA work-study allowance

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Why Choose an Online Program?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider pursuing an online degree from UAB:

  • Complete your degree from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

  • Don't put your degree on hold because of a new deployment.

  • Start your post-military career while earning your undergraduate or graduate degree.

  • Take advantage of the Alabama Veterans Affairs GI scholarship even if you are no longer in Alabama

UAB's Online Degrees

Check out some of the online degrees that UAB offers:



Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below to see the answers.

+ What are the admission requirements for UAB Salute?

The admission requirements for UAB Salute are the same as UAB and the student must be either an active in the service or retired for the service.

+ Are all of my classes online?

Yes. If you are pursuing one of UAB's 100% online degree programs, all of the classes are online. UAB offers some blended and distance accessible programs that may require on-campus activities or courses. The program advisor can help you learn more about on-campus requirements for these types of programs.

+ Will my military benefits cover everything for an online degree?

Possibly. The amount of military benefits received is different for each individual. Check with the Veteran's Office to determine what your military benefits will be.

+ Will I ever have to come to campus?

In most cases no, but it depends on the degree program you are enrolled in. Your advisor would give you more details on that information.

+ Can my spouse or dependents be a part of UAB Salute?

Your spouse and dependents can’t participate in Salute unless they are active duty or retired themselves, but we do have other programs they can participate in.

+ Do I have to attend orientation?

Yes. All students new to UAB have to attend orientation, but it is online.

+ How will I get my books if I am not state-side?

You can either have your books shipped to where you are stationed or you can have them shipped to someone state-side and they can ship them to you. Many textbooks are also now available in a digital format.

+ How many credits can I transfer in?

We can accept up to 24 credit hours of military experience, but you may be able to transfer in other credits from another university of college.

+ Will my degree say online degree?

No, your degree will not say online, but rather read exactly like all others with simply your degree you have earned.

+ What type of software do I need to complete my classes?

Students do not need a specific type of software, but simply need access to the internet, a reliable computer with the latest web browser. Learn more about the technical requirements for taking online courses.

+ Are the online degree programs accredited like the regular campus degree programs?

Yes. All of our online degree programs have the same accreditation as our ground campus. Learn more about UAB's accreditations

+ How can I get more information about the UAB Salute program?

The best way to receive more information about the UAB Salute program is to fill out and submit the interest form above. You can also contact Deidre Murray by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 205-975-2984.