Click the questions below to find the answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. If you have additional questions, please use the Request Information form and someone will be in touch with you soon.

+ How can I ensure that I am ready for online instruction?

Take the Am I Suited for Online Learning self assessment.

+ Is online instruction easier than traditional instruction?

No, this is a myth. Online courses are every bit as rigorous as their on-campus counterparts. While the course content may be online, the coursework and expectations are the same as a traditional class. Online students also must have a lot of discipline, as it may be sometimes easier to procrastinate.

+ Will I be required to come to campus?

For most of UAB's online degrees and courses, you will not be required to come to campus. Some instructors or degree programs do require students to attend an orientation, have exams proctored, and/or conduct on-campus presentations. However, if you are truly a distance student or unable to come to campus, there may be other options available to you. Contact your instructor to find out if other options are available.

+ Does my state allow UAB programs to be offered?

To see if your state permits the specific program in which you are interested, please see the State Authorization page.

+ Are UAB eLearning programs accredited?

Yes. UAB is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). View the Accreditation page to learn more about SACSCOC and additional accrediting bodies for individual programs.

+ What time zone does UAB eLearning follow for courses?

UAB observes Central Standard Time (CST) November through mid-March and Central Daylight Savings Time (CDT) from March to November.

+ What additional fees may apply to courses?

Each school and course may have additional fees beyond the regular tuition. The Tuition & Fees page explains many of these fees, but you will need to check with the school and/or course instructor for more information about specific fees that may apply.

Proctoring Fees:UAB covers the standard proctoring fees for most of its online courses, but students may be responsible for some online proctoring fees, depending on the course and other factors. If an instructor is using ProctorU for online proctoring, students can expect to pay fees associated with late scheduling and missed exams due to their own actions. These fees are as follows:

  • Missed Exam Sessions: $19.75
  • Late Scheduled Exam Session: $5.00
  • On Demand Exam Session: $8.75
  • On-Ground Proctoring Option: TBD

See the ProctorU Student Guide for an explanation of the fees.

+ What is exam proctoring?

Proctoring occurs when a student is observed by a pre-approved person to observe the student while the exam is taken online to protect the academic integrity of the exam and ensure the individual taking the exam is the student. Visit the Search for Online Courses to conduct a search. Those courses requiring proctoring should be noted in the course comments and requirements section of the course listing, so students are aware when registering. Contact the instructor to determine what options are available to you.

+ What software/hardware are needed to participate in an online course?

You will need a computer, speakers, and an internet connection at a minimum. Some courses may have additional technical requirements. UAB IT offers software and subscription solutions for many of the download you may need.

+ What type of Internet connection is needed for taking an online course?

A high speed internet connection with speeds of 1.5 mbps or higher is recommended for online courses to ensure that you can access all of the course materials and resources particularly large file sizes as with streaming video. Technologies used in individual courses vary. See the course syllabus for additional technical requirements. Visit the Technical Requirements page for more information about internet requirements.

+ How can I ensure my computer is set up properly to take an online course?

Visit the Technical Requirements page to see what you will need to take an online course at UAB. Some courses may have additional technical requirements. Check the course syllabus or contact the instructor for these requirements.

+ What technical skills are needed to be successful in an online course?

You do not have to be a computer genius to be successful in this course; however, at minimum you must be able to:

  • Use a keyboard and mouse (or have a disability assistance program)
  • Save, open, and edit various file types, such as PDF, Word, Excel files
  • Open, send, reply, and attach and open attachments to email messages
  • Upload and download files from and to your computer and the Internet
  • Navigate the internet
  • Navigate the Canvas course environment
  • Create online accounts
  • Download and utilize software and/or plug-ins as specified by your instructor

+ What resources are available to me as an eLearning student?

You have many the same resources available online as on campus students do. A small list is below, but much more can be found at the web site for the Academic Success Center.

+ What is my BlazerID?

Your BlazerID is basically the user name you were assigned. Access the BlazerID verficiation page to determine if you have a BlazerID and to set it up if you do not. Other common questions about your Blazer ID can be found on the BlazerID FAQ page.

+ What if I forget my BlazerID and/or password?

If you have forgotten your BlazerID, you can visit the BlazerId Verification page to retrieve it. If you have forgotten your password, you can visit the Change BlazerID Password page to change or reset it.

+ How do I login to my online course?

Go to the UAB Canvas Login screen. Login using your BlazerID and Password. Choose your course from your dashboard or by clicking on "Courses" in the menu.

+ What do I do if I experience technical issues (e.g. cannot login to Canvas, got kicked out of a test, etc.)?

UAB students have access to Canvas support 24/7. To request support, click the Canvas help link while logged into Canvas. For additional technical support, visit the Tech Support page.

+ How do I report complaints with online programs and/or courses?

To report complaints for online programs. See the Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students page.

+ Where can I find UAB Policies that apply to me as a student?

UAB Policies can be found in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. Non-academic policies are housed on the UAB Students website. Please become familiar with them as they apply to all UAB students.