Dr. Narayana Sthanam is retiring from the UAB School of Optometry following 33 years of service. For his longtime commitment to the school, his UABSO family says thank you.

He joined UAB as a junior research associate in Dr. Charles E. Bugg’s lab in 1985 and was appointed as a research assistant professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular genetics in 1990 after receiving an Alabama American Heart Association grant for two years to study Factor D that same year. Dr. Sthanam was appointed Assistant professor in UABSO’s Department of Optometry in 1993 after receiving his first NIH R29 grant to study Factor D. In 1998 he was promoted to associate professor and became a full professor in the school of optometry in 2008.

His accomplishments include continuous funding, totaling approximately $9 million, for 26 years, starting with American Heart (Alabama and National), NIH (5RO1, 1R29), NIH sub-contracts (3RO1), and private industrial funding (Park Davis, MicroBiotix, BioCryst etc.). His work has been featured in approximately 90 publications and 8 book chapters. Additionally, Dr. Sthanam has graduated six graduate students and 8 post-doctoral fellows, most of whom have become independent principal investigators and scientists pursuing research.

Upon retiring, Dr. Sthanam looks forward to spending more time doing his favorite things, including reading, traveling, table tennis and photography, as well as enjoying life in general with family and friends.