The Vision Science Graduate Program provides financial support to doctoral students in their first year. This includes fellowship stipend, full tuition and fees, and health insurance. Fellowships are funded by the UAB Graduate School, the Department of Optometry and Vision Science, the National Eye Institute and other outside agencies. A stipend of $29,000 is offered annual to entering students.

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The student’s mentor is expected to provide this financial support once the student has joined the laboratory and should continue to provide it until the completion of the student’s degree.

Students who qualify are encouraged to submit applications for extramural pre-doctoral fellowships. In addition, students and their mentors are encouraged to apply for any fellowships that may be available through training grants or the Vision Science Graduate Program.

If a student concludes that he or she is unable or unwilling to continue to train in a particular laboratory, or if a mentor is no longer willing to train a particular student, the mentor will be expected to continue to support the student until the student is able to identify another mentor. This period of continued support will last no more than one semester following written notification of the situation to the Program Manager. If by the end of that semester, the student is unable to identify a mentor who is willing or able to mentor the student, the Director and the Advisory Committee will review the situation. In such cases, the Vision Science Graduate Program may assume support for the student while the student continues to try to identify a new mentor. Alternatively, this situation may serve as cause for the loss of financial support.