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Updated:  02/02/2016

UAB Extramural Support Checklist and Instructions and Glossary

Expedited Checklist

Subrecipients Information
Subrecipients Under Uniform Guidance
Uniform Guidance (OMB A-81)
Presentation 1 & Presentation 2
  Subaward Required Documents (required per subaward)
    Subrecipient's SOW (prepared in accordance with
      the Statement of Work (SOW) Template)
    Budget and Budget Justification
    Third Party Agreement Determination Form
    Subrecipient Assurance Form
    Supplemental Financial Questionnaire (will be requested as needed
      pursuant to section 4 of the Subrecipient Assurance Form)
    Attachment 3A
    Attachment 3B
    Attachment 3B Page 2 (if highest compensated officers information is needed)
    Attachment 4
Note:   At a minimum, the subrecipient's SOW and the Third Party Agreement         
           Determination Form are required for a modular submission.
           The Attachments are required after award of the prime and before the 
           subaward is prepared by OSP.

Master Agreements

Scope of Work Template

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Guidelines for Determining Community Services Projects

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Fringe Benefit Rates

Guidance Documents and Templates

Confidentiality Agreements and UAB Contract Language Guidelines for Industry Sponsors of CDAs

CPAP - "Navigating the Clinical Protocol Activation Process for Industry-Written and Sponsored Clinical Trials"

UAB Contract Language Guidelines for Industry Sponsors of Clinical Trial Agreements

How to Classify Projects: Sponsored Project or Purchased Services

Non Sponsor Funded Research Projects


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