Steam Plant Construction Work Alerts

7th Avenue South - Impacted Buildings and Parking Areas

Beginning March 29, 2012, access to the Smolian Parking Lot #34 and the loading dock area of Spain Rehab will only be allowed from the west on 7th Avenue. 7th Avenue South between 16th and 18th Streets will continue to be closed to thru traffic, accessible only to local traffic in the vicinity of the Central Plant No. 1, the Lister Hill entry, Volker Hall loading dock, Lister Hill parking garage, and School of Optometry parking areas. Entry/Exit of the School of Optometry and Lister Hill parking areas will only be allowed from the western side. 


7th Avenue Between 19th and 20th Street Closure

7th Avenue between 19th and 20th Streets South will be closed to thru traffic effective April 2, 2012. Access to the School of Dentistry and the Kracke Building will be accessible only from 20th Street.


School of Dentistry Med Center Vault

The Accessibility Patient Drop-Off ramp into the School of Dentistry will be closed from April 2, 2012 until approximately May 11, 2012. To preserve the needs of patients during this period, patient drop-offs to this entry will be accessible from 19th Street. Parking will be prohibited in the drop-off area. Violators will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.


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