UAB had established statements of mission, vision and values before the initiation of this round of strategic planning. During its deliberations, the Strategic Planning Council reviewed and revised these “directional strategies.” The updated statements are below.


One university inspiring and empowering the creation of knowledge that changes the world.


UAB serves students, patients, the community and the global need for discovery, knowledge dissemination, education, creativity and the application of groundbreaking solutions. We are a leader among comprehensive public urban research universities with academic medical centers.

Shared Values

  • Integrity – We act ethically and do what is right.
  • Respect – We treat others with courtesy and civility.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness – Everybody counts every day. We actively seek varied perspectives in our decision-making.
  • Collaboration – We trust each other and work cooperatively across disciplinary boundaries in the spirit of shared governance.
  • Excellence and achievement – We constantly innovate, solve problems and improve ourselves and others through learning.
  • Stewardship – Fiscal and environmental sustainability guide our decisions.
  • Accountability – We are answerable to each other and act with the best interests of the university in mind.

Our vision, mission and values provide a framework and common language for collaboration and strategic goals that will build on our strong foundation. We serve students and patients while recognizing that we are also embedded in a vibrant community.

Mission Pillars

The foundation of the university mission rests on four fundamental pillars. These are:

Education: Provide 21st century, world-class, socially responsible education that prepares diverse students to lead, teach, provide professional services, and become prominent scholars and societal leaders of the future.

Research, Innovation and Economic Development: Pursue research, scholarship and creative activities that spur innovation, make UAB a vibrant cultural center, and expand our capability to continually discover and share new knowledge.

Community Engagement: Encourage partnerships that advance education, the arts and humanities, health, economic prosperity, and a fulfilling quality of life through service at home and around the globe.

Patient Care: Deliver the highest-quality patient care that reflects our ability to translate discoveries into revolutionary therapies in one of the nation’s largest academic medical centers.

In order to provide a more detailed examination of the actions required to address the four mission pillars, subcommittees were formed for each mission pillar and a chairperson was named to lead in the development of an action plan for that pillar. The chairs were members of the Strategic Planning Council, but each chair was encouraged to engage as many colleagues as necessary across all areas of the university to assist in the development of the action plans. A list of the participants in the action planning sessions is provided in Appendix H.

Results from the campus community listening sessions were provided to the chairs of the Mission Pillar subcommittees. The chairs were asked to incorporate this information and formulate action plans for their individual areas. After a series of reviews, refinements and revisions each subcommittee presented its action plan.