On Sept. 8, 2017, at our seventh Strategic Planning Retreat, the president, provost, vice presidents, deans and strategic planning council members (see full list of attendees here) engaged in an interactive workshop to review and provide feedback on the draft Strategic Plan. Since that meeting, strategic planning co-chairs Dr. Pam Benoit, Allen Bolton and Anne Buckley headed a writing committee to review and incorporate all the feedback received from the retreat attendees. Throughout October, the strategic planning council has been meeting to further refine the plan.

Agarwal, Anupam (Executive Vice Dean, School of Medicine)


Alexander, Iwan (Dean, Engineering)

Austin, Suzanne (Senior Vice Provost & Senior International Officer)


Barnes, Bradley (Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management)

Benoit, Pam (Sr. VP for Academic Affairs & Provost)


Blanton, Shannon (Dean, Honors College)

Brannan, Tom (VP for Development & Alumni Relations)


Brown, Christopher (VP, Research Administration)

Buckley, Anne (UAB Chief Communications Officer)


Carlson, Dan (Sr. Associate Athletics Director)

Carpenter, Josh (External Affairs)


Carter, Josh (President's Office Administration)

Carver, Curt (UAB Chief Information Officer)


Coan, Susan (Director, Organizational Learning & Development)

Daniel, John (Legal Counsel)


Dilworth, Paulette (VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Duncan, Jack (Professor Emeritus, School of Health Professions)


Gordon, Becky (Development)

Gross, Alecia (Past Chair, Faculty Senate)


Harper, Doreen (Dean, School of Nursing)

Hattaway, Ginger (Staff Council)


Ingram, Mark (Athletic Director)

Jack, Eric (Dean, School of Business)


Jones, Alesia (Chief HR Officer)

Jones, Harold (Dean, School of Health Professions)


Jones, John (VP for Student Affairs)

Kirkland, Lynn (Interim Dean, School of Education)


Lamon-Pinkerton, Brandi (Director Communications, Provost's Office)

Mayer, John (Past Chair, Faculty Senate)


McClintock, Jim (Endowed University Professor, Biology)

McMahon, Lori (Dean, Graduate School)


McMains, Robert (Senior Facilities Officer)

Meador, John (Dean, Libraries)


Mullins, Stephanie (Chief Financial Officer)

Nichols, Jason (AVP, Industry Research Development)


Nichols, Kelly (Dean, School of Optometry)

Nugent, Kathy (UAB Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)


Palazzo, Robert (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences)

Thompson, Anna (Executive Director, Alys Stephens Center)


Thompson, Raymond (President, National Alumni Society)

Vickers, Selwyn (Sr. VP & Dean, School of Medicine)


Watts, Ray (President)

Wyss, Mike (Chair, Faculty Senate)