Collat School of Business

We create and disseminate business knowledge that transforms the lives of our students and stakeholders by leveraging our locational advantages for the benefit of our community, state and global constituents.

VISION: We strive to be a renowned business school focused on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

STRATEGIC PLAN SUMMARY: The UAB Collat School of Business will be a school of business renowned for its leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  High expectations for teaching, faculty scholarship, and student success; servant leadership with shared governance; and the values of integrity, diversity, excellence, collegiality and collaboration provide the foundation for attaining the school’s five goals of sustained growth, distinctive programs, value-added partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and program-centric infrastructure.


Goal: Deliver innovative educational programs that stimulate growth, student success and financial sustainability.


  • Increase credit hours and head count by 50 percent.
  • Increase retention and the number of graduates.
  • Increase number of online degree programs.
  • Develop minors and certificates.
  • Expand professional development programs.
  • Increase student success.


Goal: Deliver excellent educational programs to positively impact economic development in our region through UAB’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


  • Deliver a graduate certificate in technology commercialization.
  • Deliver an undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship.
  • Develop intellectual capacity and capabilities to support this institute.
  • Increase faculty engagement in innovation and entrepreneurship.


Goal: Build value-added partnerships that serve our community, enhance student success and diversify our revenue streams.


  • Develop MBA dual-degree programs (MD/MBA, DMD/MBA, OD/MBA).
  • Deliver leadership training for emerging health care leaders.
  • Deliver professional continuing education courses for health care professionals.
  • Create a Leadership Institute.


Goal: Support faculty and staff development and empower them to take ownership of our School’s programs.


  • Support professional development for faculty and staff.
  • Support faculty research.
  • Develop and support faculty tracks to allow faculty to serve in different ways.
  • Develop program managers and core course coordinators.


Goal: Acquire needed facilities and leverage technology to support excellence in teaching, research and service.


  • Develop plans for a new School of Business Building.
  • Raise funds to construct a new School of Business building.
  • Invest in technology and back-office support to enhance teaching and learning.