What is a
grand challenge?

It is a problem that is large, complex and multi-faceted. Solving this problem requires a combination of technologies, treatments, approaches and/or policies; and the solution will positively impact a great number of people.

The UAB Grand Challenge request for ideas resulted in 77 concept papers involving hundreds of individuals (faculty, staff, students, and community members) representing dozens of departments, schools, and organizations.

Concept Paper Title
A Systems-Based Approach to Improving Health and Reducing Structural Disadvantage in Urban Neighborhoods
Accelerating Collaboration to Drive Innovation for the UAB Grand Challenge
Alabama Baby & Child Development Challenge, Future of the State│State of the Future, Developing the Future Talent Pool of Alabama, Today
Alabama Fit: Top 5 by ‘25
Alabama Healthy State Initiative
An Intelligent Drug Discovery Engine for Personalized Medicine with Communication Dynamics
Apian House and Data Sustainability Project
Assisting our Black Belt Neighbors; Third World Problems in Our Backyard
Biomaterials Innovation Ecosystem for the Development of Low-Cost and Improved Healthcare Delivery
Birmingham Manufacturing Initiative for Personalized Implants/devices (BMI4PID)
Birmingham: America’s Healthcare Capital
Build and Transform Birmingham into a Healthy Community: Continuing the Civil Rights Journey
Building Capacity and Creating Social and Physical Environments that Promote a Healthy Birmingham
Center for Alabama Culture
Changing the Way Alabama is Viewed by the Nation
City of the Future - Healthy & Sustainable
Confronting the Challenge of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Cradle Alabama – An Integrated Application to Decrease Infant Mortality
Data-driven Precision Medicine
Eliminating Root Causes of Academic Underachievement in the City of Birmingham & Beyond
Empowering Generations of Change Through Education
Enabling Precision Metabolomics in Medicine and Society
Ending Homelessness In Birmingham In 10 Years
Enhancements in Recycling & Waste Management in Birmingham and in Alabama
Environmental Impact on Healthspan and Health Disparity
Food Justice for Birmingham: Providing a Model for Alabama and the US
From ACEs to Embraces
Future City
Healthy Birmingham 2023
Improve the Overall Health of the Citizens of Birmingham, ShapeBham
Improving Healthcare and Personal Safety through Smart and Connected Wearables and Smart Sensing
Inclusive Interventions: Enabling a Smarter Birmingham
iWAG the Paradigm Shift: Level the Playing Field. Standardize and Validate the Delivery of Emergency Medical Care
Let’s Get Down 35211
Leveraging Virtual Reality To Address Racial Bias
Lifting Alabama’s Economy through Smart Farming
Light the Way: Education and Health Networks
Magic City Mindfulness Club: Understanding Each Other by Understanding Ourselves, A Violence Reduction Effort
Make Birmingham and Alabama the Best Place to Make Something in America
Making Birmingham the Healthiest City in America
Mapping Molecular Patterns: A Blueprint to Connect Environmental, Behavioral and Socioeconomic Stress Factors to Human Disease and Therapy
Materials Genome Initiative Leading to Economic Development of Alabama
Maximizing Healthspan - Birmingham and Beyond
Metabolic Health Calculator
Mitigating the Opioid Crisis in Alabama (MOCA)
Mobile Connected and Automated Medical Care System
Network Biology and Predictive Modeling in the Context of Big Data
Opioid Overdose Prevention and Treatment
OUR HERD: Alabama To Champion The Elimination Of Cervical Cancer And HPV-Related Cancers And Be A Model That Can Be Followed By The Nation And The World
Practicing Peace
Quality Of Life Throughout The Lifespan (QLTL)
Reduce “Metabolic Obesity” in the U.S.
Reducing Firearm Injuries… To Zero
Reducing Heart Disease Related Deaths in Alabama
Reducing Medical Error by Improving Preanalytical Processes for Laboratory Testing
Reducing Recidivism by Investing in Training, Education, and People (RI-TEP)
Reshaping Healthcare through Telehealth, Where You Live Should Not Determine If You Live
Restoring Economic Hope through the Creation of Sustainable Communities: A Replicable Model for Health and Education Empowerment
Rethinking Trauma Care To Reduce Preventable Deaths From Bleeding: Taking The Trauma Surgeon To The Patient
Right in the Gut: “Reaching Ideal Gut Health Together”
Robotic Agricultural Pest and Weed Control
Scaling Laws and University Organization
Solving the Concussion Crisis
Successfully Transitioning Education Momentum in Schools
The Autonomous Physician
The Coach Safely Sports Safety Initiative, Changing the Culture of Youth Sports
The Grand Challenge to Save Your Brain
The H.O.M.E Project: Housing is Our Mission for Everyone
Thoughtful Redesign and Engagement for Higher Education Communities (TREE-C)
To Develop a Sustainable Model for Decreasing Homelessness in Birmingham
Transforming the State of Alabama into a Medical Tourism State
UAB Elite Sports Medicine Initiative
Understanding the Brain via a Hybrid Data Science & Neuroscience Research Traineeship Program
Urban Sustainability
Using Building-Envelope Health Maps to Optimize Building Sustenance and Revitalization
Vertical Gardens to Address Urban Food Deserts