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Measuring Success: Community Engagement pillar

Metric: Community Impact by Students, Faculty and Staff

Community engagement is integral to the essence of UAB. Information on the total value of volunteer time and donations from UAB students, faculty and staff demonstrates the level of outreach. Measuring economic impact requires a long lead time, so these reports are only commissioned every five years.

Data definition: UAB's community impact was measured as part of a report prepared by economic development consulting firm TrippUmbach in 2016. The total community benefit was calculated by TrippUmbach from the combined impacts of employees' and students’ making monetary donations to organizations and the value of a volunteer hour. Primary data collection came via survey research where faculty, staff and students provided estimates on spending patterns, including information on the number of volunteer hours and charitable donations they provided. More information on methodology can be found at uab.edu/impactSource: TrippUmbach.

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