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Metric: First-Year Retention

UAB serves students through unique educational programs that prepare them for the future. A key measure of student and institutional success is when students continue toward completion of their educational goals. The retention rate metric represents how many students start their freshman year at the university and then return in their sophomore year. Retention rates help us determine how many students progressed with satisfactory academic results and how well integrated they are in campus life. They also help identify why students left the institution.

Data definition: The percentage of First-time, Full-time, Baccalaureate Degree-seeking Freshmen retained from 1st Fall to 2nd Fall. Baseline figure represents a three-year historical average from 2015-16 to 2017-18; five years of historical data are shown to illustrate the annual fluctuations in retention figures. Source: Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis.

First-Year Retention

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