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Metric: Patient Visits (Medicine/Dentistry/Optometry)

Optimizing patient access to care is a primary goal of UAB Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry. In order for our healthcare providers to reach as many people as possible, one measure we track is the number of arrived, or attended, appointments. This information helps us better understand what patients want in terms of appointment access, as well as evaluate the trends in our own historical appointment data and plan for the future.

Heersink School of Medicine: Patient Visits - Arrived Appointments

Data definition: UAB Medicine patient visits are defined as number of arrived appointments for all providers at UAB Medicine/HSF Clinics as measured by fiscal year. Source: Ambulatory access and capacity management dataset.

Heersink som patient visits

School of Dentistry: Patient Visits

Data definition: UAB Dentistry patient visits are defined as attended visits to the School of Dentistry in a 12-month period captured in the electronic health record (SALUD); these numbers do not include Faculty Practice or patients served by UAB at non-UAB clinics. Source: UAB School of Dentistry.

school dentistry patient visits

School of Optometry: Patient Visits

Data definition: Total patient visits at UAB Eye Care and affiliated external clinics in a 12 month period captured in the electronic health record. Beginning in FY18, the total includes faculty practice, whose providers joined UAB Eye Care in December of 2017. The total does not include community vision screenings. Source: UAB School of Optometry.

school optometry patient visits

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