College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Kathryn Morgan

Department: African American Studies

Dr. Peter Verbeek

Department: Anthropology

Dr. Noa Turel

Department: Art & Art History

Dr. Roger L. Gilchrist

Department: Biology

Dr. Gary M. Gray

Department: Chemistry

Dr. Timothy R. Levine

Department: Communication Studies

Dr. Purushotham “Puri” Bangalore

Department: Computer Science

Dr. Jeffery T. Walker

Department: Criminal Justice

Dr. Christopher Minnix

Department: English

Dr. Lourdes M. Sanchez-Lopez

Department: Foreign Languages & Literatures

Dr. Stephen J. Miller

Department: History

Dr. Shannon Starr

Department: Mathematics

Dr. Jeffrey W. Reynolds

Department: Music

Dr. Matthew King

Department: Philosophy

Dr. Renato P. Camata

Department: Physics

Dr. Wendy Gunther-Canada

Department: Political Science & Public Administration

Dr. Maria I. Hopkins

Department: Psychology

Dr. Laurel Hitchcock

Department: Social Work

Dr. Christopher Biga

Department: Sociology

Dr. Kimberly A. Schnormeier

Department: Theatre

Collat School of Business

Dr. Doug Ayers

Department: Marketing, Industrial Distribution and Economics

Dr. Jennifer Edmonds

Department: Accounting and Finance

Mr. Randy Kornegay

Department: Management, Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

Honors College

Dr. Ashley Floyd Kuntz

Director of Honors Administration

School of Education

Dr. Kristi Menear

Department: Human Studies

Dr. Eric Plaisance

Department: Human Studies

Dr. Jennifer Ponder

Department: Curriculum Instruction

School of Engineering

Dr. Jason Kirby

Department: Civil Engineering

Dr. Allan Dobbins

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Roy Koomullil

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering

School of Health Professions

Dr. Bryan Breland

Department: Health Services Administration

Dr. Norman "Robert" Estes

Department: Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences

Dr. Beth Kitchin

Department: Nutrition Sciences

School of Nursing

Dr. Summer Powers

Department: Nursing Acute, Chronic & Continuing Care

Dr. Kaitrin Parris

Department: Nursing Acute, Chronic & Continuing Care

School of Public Health

Dr. Greg Pavela

Department: Health Behavior

Dr. Aly Padilla

Department: Epidemiology

Dr. Shauntice Allen

Department: Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. David Becker

Department: Health Care Organizational and Policy

Dr. Suzanne Perumean-Chaney

Department: Biostatistics