Alison A. Chapman, Co-Chair

Alison A. Chapman, Co-Chair


Professor and Chair, English, College of Arts and Sciences

I have taught Core classes in the UAB English department for the past 18 years, and I have had the privilege of teaching—and learning from—students who come from all kinds of majors and who have all kinds of post-graduate hopes and dreams. I’m always fascinated by the many different ways they see the world. As a result, it’s a particular privilege to co-chair the redesign of UAB’s core curriculum. My goal is to create a stimulating and challenging intellectual experience for all of our students, one that will make them better critical thinkers, problem solvers, citizens, and leaders.

Suzanne Judd, Co-Chair

Suzanne Judd, Co-Chair


Associate Professor, School of Public Health

Training students to meet the complicated demands of the workforce is a true passion of mine. Early in my career as a chemical engineer, I was on the recruiting team traveling from university to university to hire the next generation of engineers for my organization. Now I hire recent graduates to work on research studies. A basic knowledge and skill set that spans across disciplines is critical for today’s graduates, and I firmly believe that it starts with the core curriculum. The innovative Signature Core developed by UAB will help students learn to develop problem solving skills they can apply to be engaged citizens and strong employees.

Erika Austin

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, School of Public Health

Bradley Barnes

Vice Provost, Enrollment Management, Ex-Officio

Brooke Becker

Associate Professor, Libraries, Ex-Officio

Kari Dugger

Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, School of Health Professions

Cristin Gavin

Assistant Professor, Neurobiology, School of Medicine

Amber Genau

Associate Professor, Materials Science, School of Engineering

Nadia Haq

Junior, Public Health, Undergraduate

Andrew Keitt

Associate Professor, History, College of Arts and Sciences

Eva Lewis

Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis

Tondra Loder-Jackson

Professor, Human Studies, School of Education

Joe March

Professor, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

Lynn Stover Nichols

Associate Professor, Family, Community, and Health Systems, School of Nursing

Marius Nkashama

Professor, Math, College of Arts and Sciences

Scott Phillips

Associate Professor, Music Technology and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Ex-Officio

Joe Quintana

Associate Professor, Health Care Administration, School of Health Professions

Julio Rivera

Associate Professor, Management, Information Systems and Quantitative Methods, School of Business

Steven Schullo

Parent representative

Donna Smith

Community Member

Mary Wallace

Assistant Vice President, Student Experience

Cassidy Wilson

Sophomore, Communication Studies Undergraduate

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