Who is eligible to apply for Strategic Investment Funds (SIF)?

The SIF is open to all University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty, administrative staff, and students pursuing ideas that will move the institution forward. Proposals that involve interdisciplinary teams are more likely to be reviewed favorably.

The Strategic Investment Fund cannot be used to fund colleagues at other universities or to engage in sub-awards. This fund is designed to advance the work of the UAB community in a results-oriented manner.

What is the application process?

SIF proposals include the following:
  • Title page
    • Name of the SIF project
    • Name and contact information for the Principal Point of Contact;
    • List of team members (individuals and/or units) and their roles in the project;
    • Brief abstract (100 words);
    • Total amount requested;
    • Project start and end dates;
  • Project description, including:
    • Short-term and long-term objectives, including an impact statement;
    • Description of the alignment between the proposed SIF project objectives and the university’s strategic priorities;
    • Timeframe to accomplish the project goals including milestones;
    • Implementation plan;
    • Specific and general approaches to securing additional support for project sustainability beyond 3 years;
    • Ability to leverage additional funds from extramural grants, philanthropy etc. to support this project;
  • Short bio sketches of the leadership team and a description of their role in the project;
  • Letters of support, including from all collaborating deans and entities;
  • A specific discussion of milestones and metrics;
  • Budget - see budget template.

Is there a limit on the funding that can be requested?

Projects can be from 1 year to 3 years in duration. If SIF investment funds are entirely allocated in a fiscal year, acceptance of additional applications will be suspended.

When and how can an application be submitted?

Proposals will be accepted at any time but will be evaluated on a quarterly basis. Proposals should be submitted through the template on the UAB strategic plan website and budget template. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Can individuals be a part of multiple proposals?

Yes but individuals can not be the PI or co-PI on multiple proposals.

Can proposals be resubmitted?

Yes. Proposals may be resubmitted in the next quarter if the evaluation decision is to “Revise and Resubmit” and there are remaining funds in the SIF. Proposals judged to have little or no change will not be reviewed.

What budget expense can be included?

Normally allowable costs can be included in the proposed budget. No more than 25% of the total budget can be allocated to salary support.

Do SIF proposals need to go through IRB, IACUC, or other compliance procedures?

The appropriate procedures must be followed for an SIF proposal. This process does not exempt any proposal from normal compliance regulations.