The UAB Hospital Police “Semper Servienties”

The University of Alabama Hospital System and your UAB Police Hospital Precinct are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for our patients, families, visitors, faculty, and staff within UAB Hospital, UAB Highlands, and The Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital.

The UAB Hospital Police Precinct maintains a community oriented police presence within the UAB Medical Centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  UAB Police Officers patrol the medical centers with vehicles (marked police units, Human Transporters – Segway) and on foot. The foot patrol is the oldest form of police to public contact. Officers performing foot patrols offer us the ability to make contact with the public and truly exercise the premise of community oriented policing.  Proactive patrolling minimizes the occurrence of crime and unwanted activity in or around the medical center. Some areas require fixed posts where an officer is assigned for extra security purposes and/or public information assistance, such as the University Emergency Department.

The Commander, Captain James Granade, and assigned sworn officers are led and inspired to maintain that safe and secure environment using the best technology and resources available. This division reports to the Deputy Chief of Police, Marvin Atmore. Captain Granade can be reached at (205) 934-8534. 

Serving with Captain Granade are:

Sergeant Eric S. White, Cooper Green Hospital
Sergeant Kevin B. Knight, UAB Hospital Precinct Operations and UAB Emergency Department
Corporal John Bryan, Hospital Security Services Unit