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Sergeant Eric S. White is the first-line supervisor of the UAB Police Hospital Precinct. Sgt White maintains the operational readiness of 4 squads of Police Officers assigned to the Hospital Precinct and manages the security operations at the UAB Emergency entrance. He is also responsible for keeping all four squads of Police Officers abreast of all updated policies, standards and procedures as directed by Departmental policy.

 UAB Emergency Department

The UAB Emergency Department (UED) is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the UAB Police & Public Safety Department. The main goal of the police officer is to stand guard against the entry of illegal firearms, ammunition, and dangerous weapons. In doing so, we can provide a safe and secure environment for patients, employees, and visitors.

Sgt. White reports to the Hospital Precinct Commander, Captain James Granade.

These areas are managed by Sgt. White. You may contact him by calling (205) 996-7277 or e-mailing him at ericsw@uab.edu.