Captain Valerie Jackson serves as the Commander of the Office of Professional Standards. She works collaboratively with various offices at the University to ensure the institution’s compliance with associated regulations and with appropriate accreditation entities. 

In addition, she coordinates our Civilian Reponses to an Active Shooter/Violent Threat Program (ALICE).

 A.L.I.C.E. stands for:

  • Alert - those around you.
  • Lockdown - lock and barricade doors, entryways.
  • Information - inform others so they may take the appropriate actions.
  • Counter - fight back using the "swarm" technique.
  • Evacuate - get as many people, as possible, away from the danger zone.

The training is free, last approximately 45-60 minutes (depending on Q&A afterwards), and everyone who attends classes or works on campus can benefit from this training. Learn more in this UAB Reporter story from May. For more information, contact Captain Jackson by calling 205-996-2035 or send an email to valeriejackson@uabmc.edu