The UAB Police & Public Safety Department has an extensive process in place to respond to citizen concerns. The quality of our service is dependent in part on feedback from the community. We are always looking for ways to recognize instances where our employees have been especially helpful or have exceeded your expectations in the service that they have provided. Occasionally questions arise regarding professional conduct.

We encourage you to bring to the Chief's attention both compliments and questions of professionalism by completing the form or contacting one of the following individuals in a timely manner.

  • The Shift's Watch Commander (205) 934-4434
  • The Lieutenant of Hospital (205) 975-8239
  • The Lieutenant of Patrol (205) 975-2521
  • The Captain of the Office of Professional Standards (205) 996-2035
  • The Captain of Criminal Investigations (205) 934-6848
  • The Captain of Hospital Precinct (205) 934-8534
  • The Captain of Housing/Special Operations (205) 934-3999
  • The Captain of Patrol Operations (205) 996-7610
  • The Deputy Chief of Police for Housing, Office of Professional Standards and Patrol (205) 996-2247
  • The Deputy Chief of Police for Criminal Investigations and Hospital (205) 934-2538
  • The Chief of Police (205) 934-2297