The UAB Police & Public Safety Department's Crime Prevention Specialist is the driving force for coordinating the UAB community crime prevention program. Through regularly scheduled seminars, presentations, and community meetings, combined with the deliberate and constant interaction of uniformed and plain clothes officers within the campus community, crime prevention efforts, under the concepts of "Community Policing," is stronger than ever. One of our most successful programs is the "Campus Watch" program. This program was planned, developed, undertaken, and is now continuously evaluated by the Crime Prevention Specialist. Mirrored off of municipal Neighborhood Watch programs, "Campus Watch" directly involves the entire UAB community in an effort to thwart and effectively deter opportunistic crime in and around the UAB campus and its buildings and property. This unit reports to the Office of Professional Standards Division Commander.

For questions or comments, please e-mail UAB Crime Prevention Specialist Sergeant Marvin Hart or call (205) 934-2409.