Remember, your UAB Police would rather be called and not needed than needed and not called!
  • Remain calm. Keep away from the suspicious person(s) or activity and avoid taking any risks. Notify the UAB Police Department, dial 911.
  • Give your name, address, and phone number. The university police need to contact you for more information later. If you prefer, you can remain anonymous.
  • Tell the police whether the crime is in progress or has already been completed. (if you see a crime in progress, report it immediately. If you wait, the police will have a much more difficult time apprehending the suspect).
  • Be prepared to give the following information: A description of what happened (time, place, was anyone injured...). A description of the suspect (sex, age, race, weight, distinctive characteristics). You may use the following sketch to help you remember key descriptive details; Description of Suspect Checklist.
  • A description of any vehicle (s) involved, license plate number if possible Time and direction of escape
  • Additional details and circumstances (if any).
Crime Prevention is everyone's business!

Report suspicious behavior immediately to the UAB Police Department.

Suspicious behavior on campus can also be reported using an emergency phone. Just pick up the receiver and you will be connected directly to a dispatcher at the UAB Police Department.