There are a great number of things you could be doing NOW to prevent a crime from occurring:

  • Join UAB Campus Watch.
  • Take one of our Crime Prevention or Personal Safety/Self Defense Classes
  • Stay abreast of media alerts and prevention measures.
  • Read campus newspapers to stay abreast of local concerns.
  • If possible, never walk alone in dimly lit areas without a companion or associate. If you must walk alone, be cautious., stay alert, and be aware of your surroundings....or call for an ESCORT.
  • Use the best lighted and heaviest traveled routes while walking.
  • Have your keys ready when you get to your car for quick entry. Lock your doors immediately and keep windows rolled up once you get in.
  • Don't roll your window down to talk to a stranger under suspicious circumstances. If you think you are being followed, turn abruptly several times, and if you are being followed, drive to a crowded, well lit area (fire station, store, etc.) and have someone there call the police for you.
  • Do not stop and get out of your car to call for help in isolated areas. If you are walking, begin looking for an escape or someone to help.
  • If someone demands your valuables (car, purse, wallet, etc.), just give it to them. It is all replaceable and not worth getting hurt, seriously injured, or killed over!
  • Keep your valuables out of sight (in your trunk, under the seat, etc.) in your car.
  • If you are going away from the office for more than just a few moments, lock your door. Keep your personal valuables (purse, wallet, etc.) locked in a drawer.
  • Call the UAB Crime Prevention Specialist at (205) 934-2409 for additional information.

If there should be a need for potential threat information to be made available to the public, it may be distributed to the UAB community in various ways by:

  • Fax machines
  • Electronic mail
  • UAB Reporter
  • Monday mailing
  • UAB Campus Watch
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Flyers and posters
  • Hand delivered messages

You can visit the UAB Emergency Information page for where and when to look for updates in an emergency situation.

UAB Emergency Information