All cases of assault, battery, rape (all categories including forcible, non-forcible, date and acquaintance), harassment, or hate crimes of any nature, actual or suspected, should be reported to the UAB Police & Public Safety Department either by phone or in person at the Police Headquarters as quickly as possible after the incident has occurred or is subject to occur.

As a victim, care should be taken to preserve any evidence that may be necessary to prove an assault or battery, rape (all categories including forcible, non-forcible, date and acquaintance), harassment, or hate crimes of any nature has occurred.

The victim should call for an immediate police response before showering, bathing, or laundering, or moving any property or clothing that was worn at the time of the incident. Normally, officers assigned will be the same gender as the victim, a victim witness officer will be present to assure any needs of the victim are met. A reporting officer, assigned criminal investigator, and victim witness officer will usually respond to the victim. All Department resources, as well as outside agency assistance, will be utilized in the investigation of the incident and care of the victim.

Students may wish to report an assault or sex offense, hate crime, or any form of harassment to the following offices at UAB:
  • The Student Resident Attendant: (205) 934-4897 or (205) 934-2092
  • The Resident Life Coordinator: (205) 975-3797 or (205) 934-4760
  • The Director of Student Housing and Residential Life: (205) 934-2420
  • The Asst. Vice President for Student Life and Non-Academic Judicial Affairs: (205) 934-4175
  • The Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success: (205) 934-6290
  • The Office of the Dean of any academic study.
Students, faculty, and staff may also seek assistance from additional agencies, such as:

UAB Women's Center (counseling services) -- (205) 934-6946

UAB Counseling & Wellness Center (counseling services) -- (205) 934-5816

YWCA Court Advocates (domestic violence)-- (205) 322-9922 (Service includes assistance in completing police reports/warrants, provide legal referrals, and information on safe housing and support groups).

Family Violence Center-24 hour Crisis Line -- (205) 322-4878 (Service available for victims of domestic violence)

Project Safe -- (205)714-8690 (Includes programs for anger management/conflict resolutions, victim counseling and community outreach).

Rape Response (available 24 hours) -- (205) 323-7273

Crisis Center -- (205) 323-7777

Child Protective Services -- (205) 423-4850

Alabama's Crime Victim Compensation Commission -- (334) 290-4420

Birmingham City Magistrate -- 425 6th Avenue South -- (205) 254-6512

Jefferson County Family Court -- 120 2nd Court North -- (205) 325-5480

Jefferson County District Attorney's Office (Victim Witness Questions) -- (205) 325-5252

The UAB Resources Center (Employee Assistance) -- (205) 934-2281

UAB Hospital Pastoral Care -- (205) 934-4286

In exigent cases, in order to accommodate the victim, the University may provide for certain changes in the academic and residential living conditions. With respect to the academic schedule, a victim may be permitted to withdraw from courses, or be granted an incomplete in a course with arrangements to complete the required work at a later time with the consent of a Professor or Instructor or rearrange deadlines and exam dates.

Again in exigent cases, with respect to the victim's residence on campus, it may be possible for the student to break a contract with UAB, arrange for alternate housing, require an alleged assailant to move to an alternate location until the case is resolved, or bar an alleged assailant from entering a residential hall. The university may also arrange for special escorts, a temporary cellular phone, or an emergency notification panic button in the victim's residence on campus.

If the crime is initially reported by the victim to pastoral counselors or professional counselors, or members of the above listed academic and non-academic staff (Campus Security Authority), these personnel, when they deem appropriate, but as quickly as possible, are advised, for the best interests of the victim and their families, to report the crime to the Police Department on a voluntary and confidential basis, for the crime's or incident's inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics.

Though all reported cases of assault, battery, rape (all categories including forcible, non-forcible, date and acquaintance), harassment, or hate crimes of any nature, actual or suspected, occurring on UAB properties should be reported to the UAB Police & Public Safety Department, for which the responsibility and authority for the investigation of such cases lies, but the victim prefers the investigative report and other investigative resources of the Birmingham Police Department or another law enforcement agency, the initial contacted academic or non-academic person, or pastoral or professional counselor, after advising the UAB Police & Public Safety Department of such preferences, will assist the student in notifying these authorities.

The UAB Police & Public Safety Department will expeditiously pursue the investigation until the alleged assailant or suspect is prosecuted

This information is provided in accordance with the provisions of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998.