When to call the UAB Police Emergency Response Number 911 or 934-3535 or 934-HELP:
All departments and/or buildings should develop local evacuation routes and signs locating fire extinguishers. The Department of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) can help you develop these plans. It is very important that corridors and exits remain clear of any obstructions. It is common on campus for copiers, tables, bookshelves and all kinds of other material to be placed in corridors. This is a violation of the fire code.
General Instructions for All Areas:
If fire or smoke is detected, no matter how minor it may appear to be, do this at once:
  • Stay calm. Visitors and students will depend on your actions.
  • Close all doors to confine the fire. As you leave the room where the fire is located, close the door to the room, fire doors located in the corridors, at elevator lobbies and stairs.
  • Activate the fire alarm.
  • Report the fire, dial 911, from any UAB phone or 934-3535. Identify yourself and tell police the exact location of the fire and what is burning.
  • Evacuate the building by following your building-specific plan.

Evacuation should take place in a calm and orderly manner. Again, be sure corridors and exits are unobstructed and clearly marked. Staff members should be very familiar with two evacuation routes and be prepared to assist students and visitors who may not be familiar with the building.

Identify a point outside and away from the building where members of your department know to gather. This provides a quick and easy way to account for all personnel.

Provisions for Persons with Disabilities
Many protected elevator lobbies and landings inside of stairwells are considered "safe" areas for individuals with disabilities. It is routine procedure for emergency personnel (i.e., fire department and police) to check the stairwells for individuals with disabilities and/or injured persons. The fire department will also use an emergency key to operate elevators for rescue operations. In the event a building must be evacuated, individuals with disabilities should be escorted to elevator lobbies or the nearest stairwell.

If danger threatens, they may move to the landing of the stairwell. A staff member should remain with that person until emergency personnel arrive. Caution should be used on stairwell landings with those in wheelchairs. Make sure the wheels are locked.

Hazardous Material
When an emergency occurs, such as a chemical spill involving hazardous materials, in a non-Hospital area, report the nature and location of the emergency immediately to UAB Police by calling 911 on any UAB phone or (205) 934-3535. In Hospital locations dial 4-0001. Give your name, telephone number, as well as your building and room number. State where you will meet the emergency vehicle. State how many persons are involved, and the type and severity of any observed injuries.

Notify others in the area about the nature of the emergency. Meet the ambulance or fire crews at the place you indicated above. Send someone else if you cannot go.

Do not move any injured persons unless they are in further danger. Keep them warm. Unnecessary movement can severely complicate neck injuries and fractures.

If chemicals have been spilled on someone, get the individual under a shower or spigot to wash the affected area thoroughly. If chemicals are in the eyes, irrigate with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Check for, and remove contact lenses before irrigation; however, contact lenses may be difficult to remove, and the irrigation must not be delayed.

If hazardous chemicals are ingested, try to identify the substances involved. Notify medical staff or the local poison control center (4-4606). Never attempt to give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

Do not drive to the Hospital or to your home in your or another’s personal vehicle without being released by emergency responding personnel. It is absolutely critical that emergency response personnel be advised of the nature of the spill, the time of the spill, and its exact location.

Telephone Bomb Threat
If you receive a bomb threat by telephone, stay calm and complete the attached check off list. Try to find out from the caller what kind of bomb it is, where it is located, and when it will go off. If no information is given, stay calm, and call for a supervisor.

Advise the supervisor of the problem. If a supervisor is not present, call the UAB Police. Stay calm where you are, do not alert co-workers at this time, and await the police and Occupational Safety Personnel. Only the police and other emergency response personnel and the building manager will decide to evacuate, if required.

Suspected Mail Bomb or Suspicious Package Bomb Threat
If you discover a package, or a package is delivered which causes you to be suspect of it contents, call your supervisor and the UAB Police. You may leave the room and close the door, but do not leave the immediate area, unless you go to a designated safe zone, and until you speak with the emergency response personnel regarding the facts and other significant information.

Advise the supervisor of the problem. If a supervisor is not present, call the UAB Police. Stay calm and remain where you are and await the police and Occupational Safety Personnel. Only the police and other emergency response personnel and the building manager will decide to evacuate, if required.

Dangerous Person or Active Shooter
Each case regarding a dangerous person or active shooter depends on the situation at hand. Notify the UAB Police immediately with a full description, activity and location of the suspects.

The best option is to avoid injury and to escape out of the area into a designated safe zone, then speak to emergency response personnel for required information.

The second option, barring an escape, immediately or later when possible, is to lock yourself in your office or room, and get in a closet, under a desk, or out of sight of an assailant. Stay out of sight until cleared by emergency response personnel.

Pro-actively counter attacking may be extremely dangerous, if under taken and should only be initiated with extreme caution and with minimum risk of injury to yourself.

If you become a hostage try to escape as soon as possible. It may be best to act non-threatening to the hostage takers initially, in order to avoid immediate injury to yourself or others. Again, pro-actively counter attacking may be extremely dangerous, if under taken and should only be initiated with extreme caution and with minimum risk of injury to yourself.

Don't Become the Victim of a Con, 'Pigeon Drops' or Scams
These crimes occur against victims who are over taken by a suspect’s ability to tell a credible appearing story, but is the dishonest attempt to take a victim’s money through ruse, subterfuge, or in-attention on the victim’s part. If anyone offers you or an associate an opportunity to make any sum of money through any manner other than work contracted for in a legitimate manner, they are probably trying to conduct a scam.

Walk away and ignore them, or have them wait for a moment and call the UAB Police Department and report the activity, giving a good description of the person, including the type of clothing, race, gender, and approximate age. Wait for the police to arrive and write a report.

Crimes such as these take millions from unsuspecting victims each year.

If you receive a letter from an African country such as Nigeria, or any other country, and it seems too good to believe, it probably is. Either delete it before you open it, delete it after you open it, or make a copy and call the UAB Police Department to make a report.

Office Theft and Theft from Your Parked Vehicle
It sounds like it wouldn’t happen here, but never under any circumstances, leave your purse, wallet, or other valuables insecure when you are not present. Despite a little inconvenience, never leave your office door insecure if it opens into a public hallway or foyer. Secure any valuable from sight, anywhere or anytime you are not present, because just when you think it’s comparatively safe, an opportunist will prove you wrong. Place all valuables in the trunk of your vehicle so they are out of sight of an opportunist who has little hesitation about smashing your window when the opportunity exists.

If you or an associate become a victim, call the UAB police to make a report. This will permit us to concentrate on areas where the crime may be occurring.

Any Suspicious Person or Suspicious Situation
Call us for anything that would normally strike you as being out the ordinary. It probably is and probably requires our attention.

Thanks for helping out. Please think about joining Campus Crime Watch today: 934-2409