Scams can target anyone. The UAB Police and Public Safety Department encourages the Blazer community to be aware of seemingly harmless schemes that can impact your life. Your attention to detail will help prevent the loss of property, finances and valuable time. Criminals take time to prefect and perpetrate acts that will be beneficial to them and leave an untraceable footprint to their location or identity. Scammers are getting smarter and taking advantage of new technology, new products and major events to create believable deceptions that will convince you to give them your money, personal information and/or trust. These scams succeed because they look like the real thing and catch individuals off guard.

To help protect the students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors of the UAB community, the UAB Police and Public Safety Department offer these tips to continue to keep our community safe and secure:

  • Be aware that scams exist.
  • Keep your personal information secure including PIN numbers, passwords, codes, bank account numbers and social security numbers.
  • Be aware of unsolicited emails, texts, phone calls and/or strangers.
  • Be aware of social media privacy and security settings.
  • Store personal and vital information in a secure location.
  • Be aware of individuals presenting unbelievable opportunities or scams which require you to visit your banking institution.
  • Be aware of credit card machines that will copy your personal information. Cover your PIN number when entering the code at public venues.
  • Know who you are dealing with. Don’t accept rides from strangers or people that you don’t trust.