Faculty Handbook-2.5.5 Non-Tenure-Earning Faculty Appointments

Faculty Handbook-2.5.5 Non-Tenure-Earning Faculty Appointments

This section of the Faculty Handbook describes non-tenure-earning appointments, including adjunct and visiting faculty appointments.
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2.5.5 Non-tenure-earning Faculty Appointments
Non-tenure-earning faculty appointments may be conferred on full-time or part-time faculty whose responsibilities may be less broad than tenure-earning or tenured faculty and whose appointments may be limited in time. At the discretion of the school and department involved, the non-tenure-earning faculty may serve on school and departmental committees and may be appointed to the Graduate Faculty. Non-tenure-earning faculty are governed by the policies and procedures in the Faculty Handbook; however, their privileges may be defined further by the appointing school for activities within that school.

Non-tenure-earning faculty appointments may include faculty ranks, with or without such descriptive terms as Clinical, Research, Teaching, Adjunct or Visiting. The preceding five descriptors may be used to define non-tenure-earning faculty ranks more clearly. Other descriptors may be used as well. The descriptor Clinical is used to designate an individual whose major role in a school is primarily related to a clinical education or service mission of the school. The descriptor Research designates a faculty member whose primary responsibility is conducting research. Typically, these individuals are paid from grant or contract funds. Teaching faculty are primarily responsible for assisting in a school’s educational mission. Adjunct should be used to designate individuals who are not full-time employees of UAB but who are appointed to the faculty of a school to perform instructional, research, and/or service functions. Visiting is a courtesy title given to a visitor from another institution of higher education or from an appropriate organization or agency on a temporary duty assignment within a component of UAB. If the individual is from an institution of higher education, he or she shall be given a rank that is equivalent to the rank held in his/her home institution with the designation Visiting added to the title.

Non-tenure-earning faculty members may be appointed for specific terms of up to five years. Such appointments may be renewed for more than one year. Departments, schools, college, or UAB Libraries may adopt policies limiting the overall length of UAB employment for non-tenure-earning faculty members within that unit. A non-tenure-earning appointment does not carry with it the assurance of reappointment beyond the current appointment period. However, the policies governing notice of non-reappointment apply to all non-tenure-earning appointments including those with the descriptive titles of Adjunct, Clinical, Research, and Teaching.

A non-tenure-earning full-time faculty member may seek a temporary (short-term) reduction in workload and request a change in status from full-time to regular part-time (at least half-time). This policy is intended to encourage departments to accommodate reasonable requests for part-time appointments; however, part-time appointments are at the discretion of the department chair and dean and are not an entitlement; and requests may be denied when the faculty member and department cannot agree to a workable plan. Interested faculty must present a request in writing to the appropriate chair and dean of their unit. Final approval must be granted by the dean. Faculty will receive proportional pay. Faculty members are responsible for meeting with representatives in Human Resources so they will clearly understand the consequences of the change to their benefits. Office and laboratory space may be adjusted for part-time appointments.