Faculty Handbook-3.1 Principles of Responsibilities

Faculty Handbook-3.1 Principles of Responsibilities

This section of the Faculty Handbook outlines the principles of responsibilities of faculty members at UAB.
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3.1 Principles of Responsibilities

All faculty members of the University of Alabama at Birmingham are expected to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws as well as the policies and procedures of UAB. For those faculty members who are a member of an occupation or profession that has established standards of conduct [including licensure, registration, and certification as required] they shall be expected to conduct the affairs of the University and his/her profession according to the standards of conduct applicable to such occupations or professions.

The core values of UAB include academic freedom, accountability, caring and responsive service, collaboration, commitment to excel, community involvement, diversity, entrepreneurial/can-do attitude, ethical conduct, shared governance, and unity of purpose.

The responsibilities of the faculty as a community of scholars include:
  • Conduct  of teaching, service, scholarship, and research fulfilling an ethical obligation to the University and the community of recipients of such activities
  • Practice of ethical behaviors with integrity related to all academic responsibilities
  • Respect for the rights of students to an environment supportive of learning achievements
  • Conduct that represents fair and respectful interactions with colleagues, students and community members
  • Conduct of work responsibilities in accordance with the University’s  policies and procedures
  • Use of all types of University resources appropriately
  • Practice of work-related policies of the University, a specific academic unit and department to assure fair and equitable treatment of all UAB employees
  • Contribution to a culture of compliance by identifying, reviewing, and managing conflicts of interest and commitment appropriately 
  • Preservation and practice of academic freedom
  • Contribution to a culture of trust among faculty, staff, students, and administrators
  • Management of  information to assure rights to privacy and confidentiality for constituents of the University
  • Promotion of health and safety for all in the workplace and learning environments
  • Support of a workplace environment of collaboration and civility appropriate with academic citizenship practices and absence of workplace harassment.

It is expected that members of the University community of scholars shall comply with policies and procedures included in the UAB Faculty Handbook of Policies and Procedures, the You and UAB Handbook for Faculty and Staff, and Human Resources Policies as well and other operations policies in the UAB Policies and Procedures Library and related official entities of the University.

While it is the responsibility of UAB’s Administration to maintain current and fair policies and procedures and to appropriately and frequently communicate current information about policies and procedures to appropriate UAB employees, it is the responsibility of faculty members to be aware of such policies and procedures and recognize that lack of compliance with specific policies and procedures can potentially lead to actions up to and including termination.