Probation, Suspension, and Withdrawal of Recognition of Student Organizations - Student Affairs (Policy VII-008)

Probation, Suspension, and Withdrawal of Recognition of Student Organizations - Student Affairs (Policy VII-008)

Student Affairs policy VII-008 discusses circumstances requiring probation, suspension, and withdrawal of recognition of student organizations.
Effective Date:
None Assigned
Administrative Category:
Applies To:
Staff, Students
Material Original Source:
Office of Student Life

Policy Number: SA VII-008
Policy Date: 7/31/06


  1. An organization is subject to be placed on probation or suspension or to have recognition withdrawn for
    any of the following reasons:
  1. The organization fails to maintain compliance with the initial requirements for recognition.
  2. The organization operates or engages in any activity in violation of UAB rules and regulations or federal, state, or local laws.
  3. The organization fails to submit required reports and updates.
  4. The organization ceases to operate as an active organization.  If attempts to contact student leaders or advisers by the Coordinator of Student Leadership exceeds 60 days, then the organization will be put on inactive status.
  5. If a student organization loses official membership status within its national/international organization, it also will cease to be recognized by UAB; loss of UAB recognition in this manner will be effective as long as the national suspension is in effect.
  6. The organization requests withdrawal of recognition.  This must be done in writing by the adviser/president.
    The organization fails to comply with any other provisions set forth in these regulations.

  1. The organization is entitled to a hearing before any action pertaining to an organization’s status of recognition is initiated. 
  1. An organization may also be required/request to have a hearing in the appropriate student court or governing body of that organization (such as the IFC or the USGA Student Court).  Any findings(s) by such a body will be binding, subject to any right of appeal.  Questions of appropriateness from these hearing may also be referred to the Non-academic Judicial Officer for resolution and action.
  2. The process outlined in (a.) does not preclude non-academic judicial proceedings found in the Student Handbook, Direction from proceeding previous to, simultaneously with, or immediately following (a.)
  1. The president of the organization and its faculty or staff adviser shall be notified in writing of the proposed action to withdraw recognition and of the reason for the proposed withdrawal.
  2. Any organization which is suspended may not engage in, or sponsor, any activity or program and may not schedule campus facilities for organizational meetings.  In cases in which recognition of an organization is withdrawn, it shall cease to exist as an organization.

In the event an organization is placed on probation or suspension or recognition is withdrawn on the basis of this policy or non-academic misconduct, the organization shall be afforded the opportunity for an appeal to the Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success as outlined in the Student Handbook, Direction.