Student Life Organizations Web Site Pages/Links - Student Affairs (Policy VII-042)

Student Life Organizations Web Site Pages/Links - Student Affairs (Policy VII-042)

Student Affairs policy VII-042 outlines regulations for Student Life Organizations web site pages and links.
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Policy Number: SA VII-042
Policy Date: Original Policy


Subject: Student Life Organizations Web Site Pages/Links

  1. Officially recognized Student Life student organizations may be given one World Wide Web page as part of the overall UAB Web site. The content of unofficial Web pages residing on UAB computers or systems must be related to UAB’s instruction, research, and service missions and may not be used for commercial purposes or for personal financial gain.
  2. For purposes of this policy, Student Life student organization World Wide Web pages are considered by UAB to be unofficial Web pages. The text and graphic content of the Web page is solely the responsibility of the student organization. Even though UAB does not review, edit, or approve unofficial Web pages, the content of unofficial pages residing on UAB computers or systems must not violate law or UAB policy. If UAB becomes aware of any use of an unofficial Web page in violation of law of UAB policy, the Web page will be unlinked from UAB and will be subject to immediate removal from UAB’s systems. All unofficial Web pages located on UAB’s equipment or using UAB’s system must display the following disclaimer:

This World Wide Web page has not been reviewed or approved by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  1. The use of copyrighted materials (including, but not limited to, text, photographs, graphics, images, video, and sound) must be with the expressed written permission of the person or organization which owns the copyright or which owns the materials. If a recognizable personal appears in a photograph, image, video, etc., a release must be obtained from that person. Likewise, use of any licensed materials or any trademarks, service marks, etc. must adhere to the laws and regulations related to their use.
  2. Inappropriate messages, pictures, images, documents, etc. may not be included on student organization Web pages and may not be sent over UAB networks nor accessed using Internet connection provided by UAB. Such inappropriate materials include, but are not limited to, fraudulent, harassing, obscene, pornographic, or threatening messages or images.
  3. The officers of student organizations, which has a Web page on the UAB World Wide Web site must appoint a student to function as Webmaster for the organization’s Web page. That student and at least one officer of the organization will be the only students with access to the password for updating and revising the Web page. The actions of those students in relation to the Web page are subject to all applicable UAB, Student Life, and Non-academic conduct policies found in the student handbook, Direction. The student organization may not password-protect the Web page, its content, or its files in such a way that UAB is unable to remove the Web page and its links from the UAB systems.
  4. A Student Life student organization’s Web page must include the name of the Webmaster and an email link to the Webmaster for comments and feedback.
  5. Student Life student organization Web pages must follow all applicable rules and policies established by UAB for Web pages and must be linked to the UAB Web site in compliance with the rules and policies established by UAB or by the UAB Web Center. Signature below indicates knowledge of policies governing such web pages/links on the UAB system. My organization agrees to abide by these policies.

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