Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel

This guideline defines foreign travel for all UAB employees. Documentation requirements and information on reimbursement and currency conversion is included in this document.
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Foreign Travel

Per UAB policy, foreign travel is defined as any UAB-related travel outside of the United States, United States territories and possessions, and Canada.

Note: This definition is consistent with the definition used in federal regulations governing federal grants and contracts, which specify that US and Canadian institutions should treat grant travel between the US and Canada as if it were domestic travel even though the traveler crosses an international border.

All UAB-related employee foreign travel requires the following prior written approvals:

  • Foreign Travel Request Form
  • UAB President (or his/her designee)
  • Sponsoring agency (applies to most federally-sponsored grants and contracts (contact the Office of Grants & Contracts Administration for specific instructions)

Foreign travel approvals must be obtained prior to requesting any commitments or payments applicable to the trip (including the booking of airfare through the UAB Travel Center).

Note: Passports are not considered a reimbursable expense. However, the cost of visas or immunizations required for UAB business purposes may be allowable.

Receipts are not required for reimbursement of actual costs of meals up to the amounts below.
$25 for breakfast
$50 for lunch
$75 for dinner

However, travelers will be reimbursed for actual costs greater than these amounts when an itemized receipt is provided to document the expense.

The traveler should convert foreign currency to U.S. dollars and state the exchange rate on the travel voucher.

Object code 8301040 should be used for all expenses related to foreign travel with the exception of conference registration fees, if any, which should be coded as 8301050.

If travel is to be charged to a federally sponsored account, additional care should be exercised to comply with Federal, as well as University, regulations. For example, all federally sponsored foreign travel must be on a U.S. flagship carrier, unless specific exceptions exist. IE: The Fly America Act.