Faculty / Staff Retreats

Faculty / Staff Retreats

This policy describes the required documentation and signatures needed for approval of a Faculty/ Staff retreat.
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Faculty, Staff
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Faculty/Staff Retreats


Faculty/staff retreats require the following documentation:

Approval in writing by the appropriate senior administrator as noted below

Approval must be obtained prior to the retreat and any commitment of funds

Explanation of the business purpose of the retreat

Description of the type and approximate number of participants

Identification of the planned location and dates

Detailed budget for all costs associated with the retreat

Specification of all funding sources

Complete listing of participants attending the retreat

Note: All expenditure requests applicable to the retreat should include a copy of that senior administrator’s approval. The senior administrator may have additional signature requirements; however, the Central Administration requisition reviewers will only be reviewing for the final approval signature.


The senior administrators currently authorized to approve Faculty/Staff Retreats are as follows:

For schools and libraries

  • Dean's Events - Provost
  • Departmental Events - Dean
    > (
    Signature on the Event Pre-Approval by a Dean will be accepted)

For Provost Administration – Provost

  • Provost Events - VP for Financial Affairs & Administration on behalf of President
  • Departmental Events - Provost

For Hospital or Health System Administration – COO, UAB Health System

For Central Administration and Athletics – VP for Financial Affairs & Administration, on behalf of President

Note: Travel costs (transportation, lodging, meals, etc.) associated with faculty/staff retreats are considered by law to be employee travel expenses and fall subject to Intra State and Out of State travel policies. Therefore, the sum of all associated "in-state" travel costs (even if they were paid directly to a vendor) divided by the number of faculty/staff participants must not exceed the per diem amount that would otherwise have been due to the individual participants. All lodging and meal reimbursement requests should be submitted together for review by the Central Administration requisition reviewers. Exceptions: Class materials and the fee for a conference room in which to hold classes or group sessions are not subject to the per diem limits.