Recruitment - HR Policy 105

Recruitment - HR Policy 105

This policy describes accepted methods of recruiting for vacant positions.
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Faculty, Staff
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Policy 105 - Recruitment

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 03/14

Job openings, not specifying UAB/UAB Medicine-specific skills or experience, are required to be posted on the UAB/UAB Medicine Careers web pages for a minimum of three calendar days.

Job openings requiring UAB/UAB Medicine-specific skills or experience may be first posted internally. If there is an insufficient pool of qualified applicants after the three days, the job will be posted for external candidates.

All recruitment advertising should be coordinated through Human Resources/Employment Office. Human Resources/Employment Offices can suggest effective advertisements and advise on EEO/Affirmative Action requirements that must appear in all recruitment advertising.

Openings for which there may be insufficient numbers of qualified applicants may be advertised locally and/or on various internet sites (i.e., Linked-In,, etc.). If the job market area is regional or national, the advertising may be done on a regional or national basis. Professional and research positions may be advertised in the appropriate journals.

Recruitment for medical, professional and research positions is frequently carried to colleges and universities in the Southeast. Local business and technical schools and professional or technical organizations may be sources of applicants. Job openings are also listed with the State Employment Service.

Commercial employment agencies generally are not used unless all other resources have been exhausted. If a department wishes to use a commercial employment agency, the contact should be coordinated through Human Resources.

Individuals may apply for positions at UAB/UAB Medicine from any computer with internet access at or

Due to the large volume of applications, recruiters are unable to personally contact or meet with each applicant who applies at UAB/UAB Medicine. Therefore, all questions of a general nature may be directed to a Human Resources staff member.