Promotions and Transfers - HR Policy 111

Promotions and Transfers - HR Policy 111

This policy details the requirements and specifications for promotions within a department and internal transfers.
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Policy 111 – Promotions and Transfers 

Date Issued: 03/93
Date Revised: 06/16

There are two types of promotions and transfers: internal and interdepartmental. An internal promotion is a move to a position of a higher grade level within the same department or work unit. An interdepartmental promotion is a move to a position of a higher grade level in another department or work unit.

UAB/UAB Medicine encourages its employees to take advantage of professional development and advancement opportunities by considering transfer or promotion opportunities. Those seeking transfer or promotion should bear in mind that a transfer entails some personal risk because once transferred, the employee relinquishes all rights to his or her previous position. An interdepartmental transfer or promotion also requires an employee to serve a ninety (90) calendar day probationary period, which does not affect access to benefit eligibility. Therefore, sufficient thought should be given to career goals and to building a record of loyalty and longevity before requesting a transfer.

An employee must satisfactorily complete one year of continuous service before requesting a transfer except in unusual circumstances. Employees receiving any written warnings within the past 12 months, unsatisfactory performance evaluations or who are on disciplinary probation may not be eligible for transfer or promotion.

The effective date of promotion and/or transfer must be at the beginning of a pay week for nonexempt employees.

Transfer applications are reviewed by the Human Resources recruiters following the same process used for applications from external candidates.

For additional information on procedures for employee transfers, see Employee Transfer Guidelines.