Verification of Employment - HR Policy 403

Verification of Employment - HR Policy 403

This policy details the methods by which HR Records Administration will provide verification of employment.
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Faculty, Staff
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Policy 403 – Verification of Employment

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 04/09

In order to maintain a consistent policy throughout the University concerning the release of information, all calls to verify employment should be referred to HR Records Administration.

Telephone Requests
HR Records will release only the following information by telephone: 1) whether an individual is currently employed at UAB 2) current or last job title and 3) dates of employment. Salary information must be requested in writing and accompanied by a signed authorization from the employee or former employee.

Occasionally, there are requests for personal information (home address, telephone number, birth date, etc.) from other departments of the University. This type of information is released only to the UAB Police. An employee's telephone extension number may be released to other internal departments who have a legitimate need to know. This information will not be released to external entities.

Written Requests
Written requests for information will be completed provided there is a signature of the employee or former employee authorizing release of the information. The only information released is 1) whether an individual is currently employed at UAB 2) current or last job title 3) dates of employment and 4) annual salary.

HR Records will provide the information that is available from the HR Administrative System. Any request for information that requires a search of payroll records will be forwarded to the Payroll Services for completion.

UAB Self Service Applications
An employee may initiate an Employment Verification Report (including or excluding earnings) by logging on to UAB Self Service through BlazerNET or the HR Administrative System. This report can be produced and provided to requesting agencies. Each report has a unique report identification number that can be authenticated by UAB Payroll Services if necessary.

See UAB Information Disclosure Policy